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Published by Eve Hoeg — 1-7-2018 at 12:06 PM UTC

Problems taking action? Try this…


It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed.

A big part to getting to $10K months online is simply in getting the daily “stuff” done that is required.

Do the actions.

Get the results.

Yet, that’s where many get tripped up.

They’re overwhelmed by all the tasks and to-dos in front of them.

There’s an easy workaround to this…

So imagine you’re driving down the interstate. As you’re passing cars, are you focused on the cars 20, 30 vehicles ahead of you?


You’re passing one car at a time, right?

And you’re only focused on passing whatever car is currently in front of you.

It’s a simple but powerful illustration to think about.

As you’re building up your side-business to $10K months and beyond, you can ONLY get there by focusing on one “car” at a time.

Whatever task is in front of you, right now.

Once you breeze by that car, only then do you focus on, or worry about the next thing you need to do.

If you try to tackle too much at once, you will likely remain overwhelmed and stuck in park.

Another thing that helps is to ensure you are running a lean business that doesn’t require a lot of tasks out of you in order to turn over a decent profit.

Ensuring you have the right vehicle and plan from the get-go.

For example…

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Your key task is simply to “drive ads” into their funnels and business model, giving you massive leverage and earnings potential.

You’ll learn the best ways they’ll show you how to do this, and it can take as little as 30 minutes a day of your time.

If you can put in a few hours a day into this, you’ll only do that much better.

Either way, this can result in up to $10K commissions headed your way like clockwork.

Open to that?

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Eve H

PS Why try to build funnels, create products, hire staff, and all that jazz, when you can leverage businesses and brands that have already set up the infrastructure and are doing all the hard work for you?

I don’t know about you? But I’m choosing the easier, less time-intensive, low stress route, so I can experience more freedom and independence in my life. 🙂

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