Want residual income? W/O big risks? (Try this)

Published by Eve Hoeg — 12-14-2017 at 9:42 PM UTC

Most want residual income… but the risk, investment, and time to get there holds them back.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do the work once?

And then have a near hands-off residual income stream setup for yourself?

An income stream that pays you for years and years and only builds in value?

Several different options can get you there:

Real Estate investments, buying into a Franchise, Stocks and Bonds, building a business that eventually runs itself, etc.


Most of these investment “vehicles” will require a lot of time, investment, and RISK to get you there, if they ever will.

A solution that very few know about, much less leverage to build up their own wealth?

Why not…


An example in the Real Estate world:

A lovely woman has been sitting on a house she’s been trying to sell herself, for almost a year now.

Very few to no bites on it.

She’s selling it for $150,000 and it’s a fixer-upper. “Looks” like it needs a lot of TLC.

You offer to do some “enhancements” to the home, maybe stage it and run an open house.

And you get to keep any profits over what she agrees she must have for it, once it sells.

(e.g. Like she can’t take less than $140,000)

You put a couple weeks of work into it.

It looks worlds better. You stage the place, and now it’s downright gorgeous. People can see themselves living there now.

And, it sells for $175,000.

You get to keep $35,000.

You didn’t need a loan.

No big investment.

Because, you BORROWED an ASSET, and created a win/win/win situation.

Make sense?

Now, that’s just an example, though I know of people that do very similar to just that.

I simply choose to leverage the online version of this.

===> Check this out and leverage this unique asset to lucrative commissions…

There’s even less risk, less “paperwork” and it doesn’t take too much time to leverage this and get up to a full-time income, part-time.

You can say that this “HOUSE” is already built. And you can get paid large commissions just by sending people through the front door.

Can do this from your home.

Takes less than an hour a day.

And you could be getting your first commission notification, of up to $10k over the next 60 to 90 days, or sooner.

Wouldn’t that be a treat?

Remember, just borrow assets. 🙂

===> Just like this one

Hope this helps.



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