Grade 6 math, to $10K months?

Published by Eve Hoeg — 12-10-2017 at 11:40 AM UTC

The SIMPLE math required to get to $10k/mo.


You don’t need to be Einstein, yet…

Paid traffic can be scary for some.

Because, they think they have to know “numbers” really well.

True, there may be a slight learning curve involved, as there is to anything worthwhile, right?

But, it really involves nothing more than knowing 6th grade math, IF your offer is right.

For instance…

Just a small example here, but one of the most critical parts to this all…

If you’re advertising on FB, and it’s taking you $25 to get a sale?

Then ideally?


You’d need to earn more than $25 at some point from that buyer, just to break even, wouldn’t you?

Now, if you can break even on the first sale, which many call a self-liquidating offer?

Than all the better.

Because, now your advertising is paying for itself.

Yet, if you know that on average, every five of these buyers will invest over $2K?

Then can you see how that totally changes up the profit potential for you now??

That’s the power of understanding simple math, coupled with having the right “funnel” and offer in place.

An offer that should be crafted and set-up BEFORE you start to advertise one thin, red cent of your hard-earned money.


You can try to set this up for yourself?

===> Or you can check out this system

You’ll learn all the “math” required, and you’ll have the DFY system you’ll need to get up to $10K months, like clockwork.


Hope to see you inside.

Have a nice day!

PS Simple math becomes fun once you “get it”, and once you see how much more income it may roll your way. 🙂

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