The death of your business

Published by Eve Hoeg — 7-27-2017 at 11:35 AM UTC


Right now, your business is in one of two states, it’s either:



Businesses are never stagnant. Because even though it may seem like you’re maintaining your current level of revenue and doing ‘OK’, you’re  actually going backwards.

When you’re not growing, the customers you could have (should have) reached are being snapped up by your competitors. And every month you don’t reach these customers you’re left further and further behind.

Your competitors revenue will grow, and their marketing budgets alongside it.

They’ll hire staff and outsource projects while you are forced to do everything alone.

And they’ll invest in systems that produce even more profit, while you struggle to maintain what you once had.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this decay.

You must constantly be focused on growth and beating your ‘high-score’. If last month your part-time business made $1,000, this month you should be aiming for $1,200.

And if last month you brought in $30,000 of commissions, this month you should be looking to beat that again.

By committing to constant growth you’ll ensure your business is never at risk of a slow-decline into nothing. And you’ll continue to live the rich, free life you worked so hard for.

I understand if this seems frustrating. I mean, you worked so hard just to get where you are right now. But this doesn’t have to be a cause of stress.

Instead, realise that your business is a reflection of your own personal-growth. And without action YOU will wither, just like your business.

Constantly aiming for more, to do better, and be better is one of the things that separates successful people from the status quo.

And to stay on top of your business you must also stay on top of your health, personal relationships, and family time.

You’d never stop being a good parent, just because your kids have become an adult, right?

Constant growth is a natural part of life. And when you integrate it into your business, you’ll ensure you success for many years to come.

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