Open your wallet or purse and have a look inside..

Published by Erik — 10-21-2017 at 11:56 PM UTC

Chances are that you have a "Note" in there somewhere,
be it in Dollars, Pounds, Euros or one of the 180 different
types of currencies from across the globe.

Now think about this..... how much is it really worth?

Is a £10 note really worth £10? id a $100 bill really worth $100?
is a $100,000,000,000,000 note from Zimbabwe really worth $100 Trillion?

Of course not, in fact in 2016 the $100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar was only
exchangeable into USD at a rate of $0.40... YES 40 Cents.

This is all down to over and hyper inflation,
Governments creating money literally out of thin air. 

Money is no longer backed by Gold and has not been for a long time,
this has meant that monetary value is only as valued by what ever the government say it is.

In fact Money is worth quite literally only the paper it is printed on.

BUT yet we all continue to strive to have more and make more. 

Working our asses off for worthless pieces of paper,
which will eventually be replaced by some other method
to keep us in the control of the government.

There is a way out of this...

Cyrpto currency is valued based on supply and demand, Cash currency is based on supply
but instead of the value increasing like in the case of supply and demand, being based on supply means
 that the more that's created, the less its worth.

Why do you think that the cost of everything has gone up but yet you still struggle
each month to pay your bills and feed your family?

Cyrtpo currency, being based on supply and demand. only ever has a finite supply.
This means that the value HAS to increase (the same as gold goes up as there is less to mine)

By taking steps to create your own REAL wealth, you will be becoming part of a revolution that is
already becoming adopted by more and more countries around the world as a single,
undeniable and truly valuable currency.

Sir Richard Branson and Bil Gates ALREADY promote the power of Crypto currency AND
accept payments in crypto currency in their companies.

If you have money in the bank, If you sell cars to make a bit extra each month
or even if you sell anything for that matter, that is designed to give you more money
in your pocket, then I suggest that you STOP.

Stop working your ass off for pieces of worthless paper, STOP being fooled by the banks
and the government whos aim is NOT to help you, but whos aim is to make THEM more powerful.

Take that power from them and give it to YOU, YOU are the person who matters most in YOUR life
 (and of course your family)

Find out more about crypto currency, educate yourself and put that power back in your hands.

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