Innovative Financial Services ICO Just Launched

Published by Erik — 9-16-2017 at 2:20 PM UTC

It's called Bankera - an "operational fork" of SpectroCoin, a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange service that has been active for years now. 

Right now it's in "pre-ICO" mode until September 28, and their BNK tokens can be purchased for €0.01 (one euro cent) each during this period.

To participate you'll need to open a free account with SpectroCoin and use their exchange platform to purchase BNK with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, EUR, GBP and other fiat currencies.

So why Bankera?

I have thought for some time that a forward-thinking bank will eventually adopt and integrate cryptocurrencies into their platform and services. But I also realise banks are inherently conservative, so this could take a while.

Bankera is turning this process around, in that they are already an established and trusted crypto exchange and wallet provider which intends to become a licensed bank, making them the first such crypto-bank on the market.

What would be the advantages of such a crypto bank?

As someone who has been involved in Bitcoin and crypto since 2011, I have lots of experience in buying and selling such, including having to convert it to fiat currency and transfer funds to one of my existing bank accounts.

This is often a sticking point in the crypto economy and many people have reported issues when either withdrawing from, or depositing to, crypto exchanges using their bank account. Sometimes this has resulted in banks actually closing their accounts - quite often without citing any reason.

With a crypto bank, as Bankera is proposing, you would have a "one-stop-shop" for all your crypto and banking needs - an integrated service to create a more seamless experience. This would make it a lot easier when you want to sell crypto for fiat and have it readily available in a normal bank account.

You can learn more about the project - including white paper, various features, timeline and the specific rewards available to BNK token holders - by going to their ICO page.

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