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Published by Eric Hine — 11-30-2017 at 6:18 AM UTC

The Easy 1Up Compensation Plan

This company pays you through a three level-structured plan. This compensation plan allows you to keep your first referral, however, you have to give your sponsor your second referral. After you give your second referral to your sponsor you get to keep any other referrals that you get on that level.

Before you can start earning commissions you have to buy one of the products Easy 1Up offers. As you get paid on each referral you are able to make up to 100% commission. The higher the product you buy the higher the commission you will earn. If you choose to buy the Vertex package, which cost $500, you will be able to earn commission from all the sign ups you get.

Affiliates within Easy 1 up will pay between $25 and $500 to the affiliate who initially enlisted them. After paying this ‘Vertex, affiliates are then qualified to receive those amounts from affiliates that are subsequently enlisted. Also, every second affiliate you sponsor gets positioned to your upline along with the payment. These payments are distributed using a 1-up model through their uni-level compensation structure.

if you are not familiar with what a unilevel looks like, look at the example below:

  • Position 1:  Personally enrolled members
  • Position 2:  Position 1’s personally enrolled members
  • Position 3:  Position 2’s personally enrolled members

These payments are made to affiliates across each of the 4 tiers that Easy 1up offers, with the benefits of top tiers being that they automatically qualify an affiliate to gain payments from the bottom tiers.

The top tier of membership qualifies that affiliate to gain commissions from all the four tiers. This level also removes the requirement to pass-up the second gifting payment that forms part of the compensation structure for the other tiers of membership.

 Folks this is by Far the Best 2017 Biz Op of the Year. It is not only Low Cost but it is Affordable for Everyone!

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