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Published by Emmanuel Mba — 12-23-2016 at 10:19 PM UTC

Affiliate marketing is a commission based marketing in which a business shares part of its revenue with the affiliate marketer. This type of marketing brings all kinds of companies into e-commerce. Online traders appreciate affiliate marketing because it has minimal or no risk for both the merchant and the affiliate.


How affiliate marketing works

Bloggers or publishers earn money from home just by converting their followers to customers. The vendor has a product, and the publisher has a lot of followers who are potential customers of the merchant’s product. Publishers create appealing content and add advertisement links of products in the content of beside the content. When users click on the ads and accomplished the merchant desired action, then the affiliate gets paid.

Affiliate marketing is an easy way for an affiliate to make money online. The marketer earns money when they bring customers to the merchant’s website either through online links on the marketer’s website or blogs, emails, RSS feeds and all other forms of online communication available to the affiliate. The marketing can promote a product or encourage people to like a page or subscribe to something online. If a deal is made or the desired action is achieved, then the affiliate earns a predetermined amount of commission from the merchant or the affiliate network.


What you require

The first step is selecting a niche of interest. There are numerous niches to choose from and their lucrativeness varies. Learn how to achieve credibility in that niche or product. If a blogger writes about health and fitness, then they can promote products such as supplements and gym equipment.


Understand marketing channels and select the ideal platform

Various marketing avenues are available to help individuals make money from home. Such channels include email, content, social media, content development, search engine optimization and others. Affiliates need to understand how they work to avoid hardships in marketing.

The next thing is to direct your clients to purchase the products via the sales avenues.



Forms of affiliate marketing

There are several ways an affiliate can earn commission online.

Pay per click

Affiliates use this strategy where they display advertisements on their affiliate website. The advertisement can be an image of a text link. The affiliate is then paid for every unique visitor that clicks on the link. An IP tracking system is established to identify unique visitors and avoid fraud.

Pay per lead

This is applicable where the product or service offered is not downloadable or is purchased via credit card or requires human interactions to seal a deal. The marketer is paid for every lead they make to the merchant.

Pay per sale

The affiliate earns a commission for every successful sale.


Affiliate marketing networks

Bloggers or website owners can join affiliate marketing networks. There are many affiliate marketing networks and numerous product the marketers can choose to promote.

CPA affiliate marketing

In CPA affiliate marketing visitors to the website register with a particular site to receive free new letters or subscription. Merchant sites advertise free offers and promotions through these newsletters.


The marketer emails their list of subscribers sending them legit emails from the internet site with embedded link to merchant products. Many people do not tolerate this, and they consider the emails as spam.


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