Do You Feel Clueless When It Comes To Bitcoin?

Published by Emma Louise Charles — 6-7-2017 at 11:34 AM UTC

About 3 months ago I got absolutely sick to the back teeth of posts and programmes about Crypto appearing on my Facebook timeline or in my email box because I have had no idea what was real and what was a scam.

I had already spend months learning about internet marketing, direct selling, building funnels and lists and sending emails..

Not only that I had spent a fortune and made a ton of mistakes, it was painful getting it wrong and at times it made me want to give up! and now they were telling me there was something else to learn!

So I jumped onto Youtube..I found lots of info but it was all disjointed..

Some of it didn't look to reliable as it was more about pitching businesses instead of information..

I almost gave up! BUT I didn't!

I finally found all the info I need, it's not expensive and it's put me on the right path to having the knowledge I need to make informed choices...I can make informed choices now and I don't sound like and idiot when someone approaches me about Bitcoin.

If you feel clueless when it comes to bitcoin then you can check the website out as a free member, it's worth a look..I'm by no means an expert but the embarrassment is gone! 

 You can check it out here

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