Icoinpro..The Content NOT The Comp Plan (Which Is Awesome By The Way!)

Published by Emma Louise Charles — 5-31-2017 at 6:16 AM UTC

I've seen loads of people talking about the compensation plan and earning potential for icoinpro but I wanted to let you know what is actually covered in the back office..

As most of you know..I love products that offer value..this program is not a HYIP or rev share..it isn't a one minute wonder either..and the plan isn't for the program to be static..it will be continually updated and added to so that the content is up to date and relevant and this will ensure that we all stick around and can build a team confident in the knowledge that drop off won't be massive!

Brief Overview Of Topics Covered

1) Basic Intro to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.
2) A brief history
3) Bitcoin Myths
4) Benefits of cryptocurrencies
5) How does bitcoin work?
6) Wallets
7) How to aquire Bitcoin
8) Cryptography and the security behind cryptocurrency
9) Blockchain
10) The price of Bitcoin
11) The price of bitcoin
12) Making money from cryptocurrencies
13) Mining
14) Security
15) Scams
16) ICOs explained
17) Cryptocurrency exchanges
18) Step by Step guide to buying and storing your first digital coin
19) Useful resources
20) Core overview

It really is the BEST information out there at the minute regarding crypto currencies..to access all of this information and be part of the movement simply click the link below..


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