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Published by Emma Louise Charles — 5-30-2017 at 9:23 AM UTC here it is..

I see lots of people getting REALLY excited about the powerline in icoinpro..I don't want people to get a nasty shock on Wed and I want them to see the program for what it really here is my best attempt at an explanation in the name of TRANSPARENCY and showing the STRENGTHS of a good program without the HYPE..

The program is primarily focused on education to fill a real gap in the market for information available when it comes to Crypto Currency..if you read through the information contained within the back office then you should have a basic grounding in how the world of crypto came about, what it is being used for and where it is heading in the is information, online marketers or not, that we ALL need to find out more about the program just click here.

With regards to the compensation plan LOTS of people are getting super excited about the powerline BUT, in reality, it is simply there to whet your appetite for earning! your back office will show you how many people have joined the company after you and you will be paid a commission on the top 5 of these people only..this roughly equates to $6..this is the company's guarantee that every single person who joins will earn a commission, no matter how small.

Every Wed all of the people who paid throughout the company will be compressed and dropped into a matrix system BUT NOT EVERYONE IN YOUR POWERLINE WILL FALL INTO YOUR MATRIX..your matrix earnings will be made up of people spilled over from those above you, those you recruit and in turn their referrals..

You will of course also get paid a bonus on all of the people you personally refer depending on your "rank" within the also should be noted that you have 2 options to attain these "ranks" and therefore the number of matrix levels unlocked.. you can either recruit or you can simply purchase them if you do not have the time or the ability to recruit..

There are a couple of other ways to earn but these are the main points that I want people to really understand so that come Wed we do not get people raging about their back office and what they imagined the program to be instead of focusing on the information and the potential to earn...

If you are interested in joining the party then click the link below!

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