Using Leasedadspace's Personal Blog to Promote Your Business...

Published by Emma Louise Charles — 1-17-2017 at 11:37 AM UTC

Hi all!

So...who is using the blog at Leasedadspace?..I published a few test pages 5 days ago to see what would happen and if it was worth using and the views are starting to come in..

My advice to you guys is to use everything at your disposal to get exposure for your websites and programmes!

Get as many eyeballs on your opportunities as possible! If programmes give you tools then use don't even have to have a paid for package to use just need to sign up as a free member..

If you are a member my advice is to upgrade through the packages as quickly as possible..being a Red Diamond allows you to send a solo every 48 hours and have monthly text and banner ad impressions..if you are not a member you can watch a video explaining things here

That was my thought for the day! It's always all about the traffic! That is the most important ingredient for success!

Also if you are a member of Leasedadspace don't forget to set up your Coinbase,Payza and STP links so that you can earn your commissions.

Emma x

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