Leasedadspace Review..Is It A Good Source Of Low Cost Traffic or Just Another Gimmick?…

Published by Emma Louise Charles — 1-12-2017 at 9:08 AM UTC

I have been using Leasedadspace for the past couple of months (as a RED DIAMOND member) and have heard several different opinions on whether this really stacks up as both a low cost, easy to use traffic source as well as a business opportunity. I have had pretty good results so far both in terms of opt ins and sales from the traffic and in terms of earning commissions (scroll to the bottom and the proof of results is all there)..but it is like anything you need to really use the products in order to get the biggest benefits…I have made a video explaining Leasedadspace if you want to check it out rather than reading then you can view it by clicking here….the other opportunities I am involved in can also be found here...don’t forget to check out the images at the bottom of the post first though!

So what is Leasedadspace?

Leasedadspace is a traffic website..the primary product is low cost traffic packages to drive eyeballs to your online opportunities. Traffic packages start at $7 and include text ads, banner ads and solo ads. Products are paid for on a member to member basis through a variety of payment methods and the structure is built on the basis of a 8 x 7 matrix.

And how much is it going to cost me?

There are several traffic packages that can be purchased with start by purchasing the basic $7 package and work your way up until eventually becoming Red Diamond.

Pearl Package – $7

8000 banner ad impressions – 4000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 28 days.

Amethyst Package – $17

12,000 banner ad impressions – 6,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 14 days

Emerald Package – $27

20,000 banner ad impressions – 14,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 9 days

Sapphire Package -$47

24,000 banner ad impressions – 16,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 7 days

Ruby Package – $67

28,000 banner ad impressions – 18,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 5 days

Diamond Package – $87

40,000 banner ad impressions – 20,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 4 days

Red Diamond Package – $147 (Impressions renew EACH MONTH)

110,000 banner ad impressions – 60,000 text ad impressions – 1 solo every 48 hours

What is a banner ad, a text and and a solo?

A banner ad is an image that is placed on a website that when clicked leads through to your opportunity page.

A text ad is usually an advert in the form of a title and subject line that appears on a website that when clicked leads through to your opportunity page.

A solo ad is an advertisement in the form of an email that is sent out containing details of your opportunity. The reader receives the email, clicks the link and is sent through to your opportunity page.

How do I set up these adverts?

If you are interested in seeing how to set up your Leasedadspace adverts and having a look around the back office then you can watch the following video by clicking here for more information.

But do the adverts really work?

I have spoken to people who are having great success with Leasedadspace as well as some that find it a struggle to convert the views into opt ins and sales..below are screen shots of some of my results..the pictures show my click through rates for the different types of adverts and just a couple of the opt ins that I have tracked through the back office of my PLS backoffice..

Text Ads.



Banner Ads


Solo Ads


Opt Ins





So there we go..In my opinion Leasedadspace is a great source of starter allows you to test what works and what doesn’t for a reasonable cost and allows you to show your team members what they should be doing to get started with paid traffic. You also have the opportunity to make great commissions.

Once again if you want to take a look at the video and then get started please click here

Also if you are a member of Leasedadspace don't forget to set up your Coinbase,Payza and STP links so that you can earn your commissions.

Hope this helped..if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and if you want to check out other opportunities I promote then click here.


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