Why Struggle To Earn Money Online...

Published by Dan Burnett — 10-5-2018 at 9:57 AM UTC

Did You Know...

Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest ways of making more money for yourself online.  That is probably one
of the main reasons why so many people choose to do it.

Just think about it... 

You can earn some pretty significant commissions just by selling a product or service that you don't even own,
and that can be very appealing to income seekers everywhere.


There is one small detail many new marketers over-look when signing up for an Affiliate program, and that
is... before they can get the commissions they are wanting to earn, they must first "Promote" the product.

And "Promote" of course means "Advertising"...

Sadly that is where many new online marketers fall short, they know what advertising is, but have absolutely
no idea of how to go about doing it.  They think that by posting their affiliate links in a few Traffic Exchanges
and Safe-List and then by clicking on a few links everyday, they will start earning the money they are seeking.

They Do It Because... 

The limited training they received on how to promote the product, told them to do it.  And while Traffic
Exchanges and Safe-List can be an effective source of advertising, many marketers have no idea that
advertising their Affiliate Links directly in them is the worst way they can promote their offers.

Promoting That Way Is Why There Is So Many Failures In Affiliate Marketing...

Most successful marketers will tell you that there is really only one way to use Traffic Exchanges and
Safe-List to promote your Affiliate Links, and that is to use them to Build a List first.  By doing so you can
then send your affiliate offers to that list any time you choose, without ever having to compete with everyone
else advertising your same offer in the same Exchanges and Safe-List.

Building your own list will give you a huge advantage over other Affiliate Marketers no matter which product
or service you are offering, and Traffic Exchanges and Safe-List is an excellent way to build your list. 

The Biggest Draw-Back Is... 

It does take some effort and experience to locate and put together the resources needed for List Building,
and that can be a big roadblock for many Online Marketers, especially new ones.

Knowing how daunting List Building can seem to many marketers is the very reason I introduce all my new
members to a Proven Training System that I personally use for my own List Building efforts.  

If you're struggling to build a list, or are not quite sure of how to do it, you can see the system for yourself
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