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Published by Dan Burnett — 11-2-2018 at 1:01 PM UTC

Hello Affiliate Marketers...

If you are reading this Blog Post there is a pretty good chance that you are actively
involved in Affiliate Marketing, or soon will be.

Even if you are only curious at this point, and are trying to get more information
on the ways Affiliate Marketing can be used to create more income for yourself,
there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing to become
an Affiliate Marketer.


When deciding to promote and sell someone else's products you should assume
that the product owner has already done their Market Research and has insured
that there is already an existing market for the product.

Professional product owners will also have already created and tested Promotional
Materials targeted to that market, and have them available for their Affiliate's to
use in their own efforts to promote and sell the product.


As an Affiliate Marketer that should be your only concern when it comes to
promoting and selling other peoples products.  

You should not have to worry about things like Market Research, Ad Creation,
Product Delivery, Customer Service, Returns, or anything else that does not
involve simply Promoting and Selling the product.

Which brings us to Your Function as an Affiliate Marketer... which is to promote
and sell the product so you can receive an agreed upon commission for your
efforts when a sale is made.

That's how you make money as an Affiliate, and is the only thing you should
be concerned with.  Everything else is the responsibility of the product owner.

Of course promotion involves Advertising, and there is an abundance of ways
to advertise both on-line and off.  Finding places to advertise in not a problem.
Finding ways that give you the most qualified traffic for your efforts can be.

For instance... 

When you use Paid Advertising, once you stop paying, the traffic flow also stops.  
When you use Free Advertising sources like Traffic Exchanges and Safelist, your
traffic will also stop when you stop clicking for credits, or reading other peoples
emails to receive credit.


For those in the Affiliate Marketing world, there is another method of advertising
that beats almost all others when it comes to creating a steady flow of Quality 
Targeted traffic to your offers.

And that method is... advertising to Your Own List of prospects who have already
requested information on what you are offering, by subscribing to Your Mailing List.

That method of advertising of course will require that you... Build A List.

Think about it... 

When your paid advertising dries up, and your fingers are cramping from all
the clicking for a handful credits, and your eyes become crossed from all
the email reading... would it not be nice to know that you still have an
effective way of selling your Affiliate Offers, by promoting to Your
Own Mailing List of prospects?

Sure it would, and when you stop for a moment and really think about it, the success
of nearly all Affiliate Marketers who succeed (the ones who earn the Big money) is
powered by List Building, and then marketing to that list.

If you would like to learn more about List Building and be shown Step-By-Step how
you can start doing it yourself, take a moment and Click Here Now!

Sharing info for success...


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