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Published by Dan Burnett — 11-13-2018 at 6:06 PM UTC

Have you ever seen a Train going down the track?

Sure you have... most people no matter where you live in the world has seen a Train.  

That's because they are such an important mode of transportation, and what
they do... well it just works!

Trains use a simple process of hooking one car behind another, all lined up single
file on a track that takes all the cars to the same place.   And at the front of these
cars are some very powerful engines that pull (lead) the cars to where they need
to go.  

It's a very simple process that takes a lot of cargo, and people, to places they
need to be and want to go... very effectively, and most importantly, inexpensively. 

Trains have been around for a long time, and even though they have had their up's
and down's over the years they have survived, and now their function is even expanding.  

In a world that thrives economically on the exchange of goods and services I could
not imagine a world without them.

Now let's take a look at the Online Marketing world, especially Network Marketing, and
what it has to do with a Train? 

Network marketing, in my opinion, is the best thing that has came along for the average
global income earner in my entire lifetime.  No kidding, I have seen a lot of different
income sources come and go in my 65+ years of life...

But I have NEVER seen anything as simple and easy to do as Network Marketing!

Think about it... all you have to do to make more money for yourself is take
someone else's products and services, and use the marketing materials they
provide for you to use, and then use them to introduce others to the companies
products and services.

When someone you introduced makes a purchase you earn a commission...

You get paid, you make the money you're trying to make.  And you don't even
own the Product or Service you just sold.

It really is that simple!  There is no need to make the process more complicated
than that.  Usually when you do, that's when problems start popping up.

Now your next thought may very well be... ok Dan, if it really is that simple why
are so many people unable to do it?  And it would be a legitimate thought too...

Because in reality there are many people who are failing to make any money
with Network Marketing.  

They are not failing because it cannot be done, they're unsuccessful because they are
not quite sure of how to apply the process.  They have so many people telling them
so many different ways of doing it, that the process actually becomes confusing and
seemingly impossible to accomplish. 

I know because I have been there and done that!

So what can a person do?

Instead of listening to everyone else, or trying to figure it out all by yourself, why
not just hook your marketing efforts up with someone who is already doing what
you want to do?  It seems like such a simple and logical solution... Right?

Well It Is... I know because I, and most other people I know who are experiencing
any degree of success at all with Network Marketing are doing it.

Remember the Train above and how it works?

We have each hooked our marketing efforts to a train (a system) that is being pulled (lead) by
someone (a leader) who not only knows what has to be done to make money with "ANY"
product or service...

 They Know Exactly What Has To Be Done To Actually Do It!

They know where the Train (system) needs to be going to be profitable, and they know exactly
how to get it there (lead).

They are the Leaders - all Network Marketing companies have them - and they know how the
process works, and how to make the over all process work to not only put money into their 
own pockets, but also put money into the pockets of those who choose to follow them as well.

So if you truly and sincerely want to make money online, why not... Just Follow A Leader?

Sharing info for success.


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