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Published by Dan Burnett — 6-3-2019 at 4:01 PM UTC

None of this online marketing stuff really matters if...

There Is No Duplication!

It's very exciting to make that first sale, bring in that
first downline member, and get that first subscriber to
your list, However...

It does not mean a thing unless you can do it over and over
and over again.

That's because without duplication there is no growth, and
without growth there is no recurring income.

And of course... without some kind of recurring income
there is no wealth!

So what's one to do?

Actually it's fairly simple...

You just give people a reason to do the exact same thing
you did when you sold or gave something to them.

By The Way - that can really be easier than you may think.

And in just a moment I am going to show you something of
value that you can use in your own marketing efforts... 

...then you can give it away to others without cost,
so they can then use it in their own business as well.

By using it they will see it's value, and then they will
want to give it away to others, so they to can create
duplication in their own businesses also...

So why is all that so important?

Because as all of this giving to others is happening, it
can begin to grow your own list, downlines, and income
all at the same time.

When that happens... it's called Duplication! 

And Duplication is how you build online wealth...

To get started you just accept and start giving away
what I am going to give to you...

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