What Was I Thinking?

Published by Keith Dyer — 8-7-2018 at 9:19 PM UTC

I initially joined Strong Future International (SFI) in 1999. At that time the acronym stood for Six Figure Income and they had one product for sale, a magazine subscription. Although I tried it for about a year, I was unsuccessful and finally quit. Although I have to be honest and say that my "try" was half-hearted. 

Today however, SFI a a totally new and dynamic business opportunity with 1000's of product offerings and multiple ways to earn!

October 26th 2018 will be my 4th year anniversary in SFI and I am currently a Silver Team Leader. I can only imagine the level of income I would enjoy today had I stuck with SFI through all the changes. But, that's water over the bridge, as they say, and I'm glad to be an SFI Affiliate today and get paid every month! This is both residual and leveraged income!

If there is anything of a negative nature to express about SFI, it is only that it can be a little difficult to comprehend at first, especially for the newbie to internet marketing. This is only because there are many facets to the business and a huge informative website. The key however, is to just take a day at a time to prevent information overload.

If you're looking for a legitimate opportunity to earn multiple streams of income, and you're willing to put in an honest effort of your time, give SFI a try. It has always been, and remains, free to join. There are no maintenance fees or upgrade fees, and if you join my team, I will be a mentor and friend, and personally help you get started!

Learn more about me and join here: http://kdyer.profitsonline.com

Learn more about SFI and join here: http://kdyer.sixfigureincome.com

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I retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 2015 and I've been marketing online for over 3 years now. I like the idea that my home business income(s) can exceed my retirement income. So, I'm working to reach that goal. Please check out my business opportunity links in the lower left corner of this page!