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Published by Keith Dyer — 7-31-2018 at 7:28 PM UTC

Here's a brand new idea in online auctions from SFI's "Zing Network"! It’s called Astro Auctions, and it promises to take the internet by storm. Really... it's that awesome!

Astro Auctions

 Astro Auctions is a brand new twist in the concept of online auctions, based on the popular silent auction model. But SFI has gone much farther. No waiting around to bid and try to outbid your competition like other auctions. No sitting in front of your computer for hours, only to be outbid at the last minute and lose. And it’s virtually RISK FREE!

With Astro Auctions you simply place a bid on the item you want, one time. Like Pricebenders and Eager Zebra games, bids are placed using TCredits, the official currency for SFI's Zing Network. Bid as many TCredits as you think will win, then it's “locked in” and cannot be changed once the auction starts. This process of entering bids is called “the fueling stage”.

When the auction is ready to launch you’ll get an email notification. Simply click the link and watch the launch to see all the fun prizes you've won during the flight. And if needed, you’ll even have a full 7 days to click and view the flight (auction). Plus, each auction takes only two minutes!

Also, when placing a bid for an Astro Auction you can choose to tip your pilot. Now, this may be the best part of Astro Auctions: while bids are being processed (during the flight) you are guaranteed to win multiple “constellation (consolation) prizes”. The more you tip, the bigger your prizes will be so,even if you don't actually win the auction, you still come out a winner! AND, if you don't win, you get all your bids back (minus 1TCredit for a processing fee and any TCredits you chose to tip)So, you essentially bid risk free! How cool is that?

Speaking of “constellation” prizes,when you place a bid, even as little as 1 TCredit, you are automatically entered into a drawing for TWO different JACKPOTS plus an entry into the new “Pick the Bid” contest.

Bottom line: You have multiple chances to win great prizes including Rewardical Tokens which can be redeemed for lots of cool stuff like more TCredits, or even bitcoin, silver bullion, and much more! But you really have to experience an Astro Auction for yourself to appreciate how much fun, and how exciting Astro Auctions can be.

Astro Auctions

My personal experience? Since Astro Auctions launched on July 10th I have placed 52 bids (many for as little as 1 TCredit) and won six auctions, plus well over 30,000 Rewardical Tokens as constellation prizes, and much much more! And believe me, my winnings pale in comparison to some others at SFI. Want to outdo me?

All YOU have to do to start winning is register for your free account.

As a Zing Network member, you’ll have access to all the auctions and games as well as the opportunity to become an affiliate. All this fun and winning, and the potential to have your own profitable online business? It really is a WIN WIN! 

So, as you can see, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain here, including more money in your wallet, and lot's of smiles!




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