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My name is Donald (Don) Jones I live in Marmora which is a small village on the Trans-Canada Highway about half way between Ottawa and Toronto.I moved here a couple of years ago from St Catharines,after I retired from my full-time career as a marine engineer with a Great Lake Shipping Company. I am retired from my day job because of my age and work as full-time online marketer to subsidize my pension which it is doing very well. You can read more about me at

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Team LATW has re-invented the Team System

Published on 5-20-2017 at 2:38 PM UTC by Donald Jones

Most team rotator systems ask you to promote for the

 next member in line due to receive a referral while

 you are waiting to get to the top of that list.

 But that's not how Team Links Across The Web works.

 From the moment you join you'll be place... (continue reading →)

Get all the leads you need here

Published on 4-27-2017 at 5:58 PM UTC by Donald Jones

 The one thing that is needed to sell online is Leads

 I recently joined  a fantastic program from which  

 I can get lots good targeted leads just by showing

 their capture page.

 The program comes with an autoresponder t... (continue reading →)