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Published by Louis Paquette — 1-17-2017 at 9:08 PM UTC

Earlier today, Clay Montgomery along with Frank Calabro launched what they describe as a feeder program for higher ticket programs which can charge $1,000 and higher, called "SpeedFeeder". 

The cost of the program is a 1-time payment even $100 and this places the member into a series of 3 - 2x2 Matrix cycles. Fill these and you would earn $1,950 plus re-entry into cycle over and over. That's a total of 18 spots which need to be filled, either by the member, from spillover or by people the member brings in. In theory - if everyone were to get 2 people in a day, the 3 stages would filled in no time. 

I was fortunate to lock into a position not far below the owners during a pre-launch. And even though the first day of the official launch is only half over as I type this - one of my two initial referrals is well on her way to completely filling here 3 stages. Which cuts my work in half. So now I am focusing on doing the same thing with the other leg. 

Here is a video which explains exactly How It Works

For complete details, visit the site here:

And if you have any questions after that, feel free to reach me on Skype (I.D. - louis.paquette2) of Facebook. 

Our team has a Skype discussion to guide you as needed. 

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