TOAN Update: Traffic remains strong

Published by Louis Paquette — 12-23-2016 at 3:25 AM UTC

TOAN Update: Traffic remains strong 

Traffic, Alexa rating and memberships Soaring! But why? (It's the traffic network) 
New  recommendations; CAB & BYM

Several significant upward trends are convalescing to create serious upward growth momentum at my primary ad site; The Online Ad Network (TOAN).

Ad Traffic

Ad Impressions and Clicks remain strong since beginning to strengthen in March as you can see in the table below. Traffic have virtually exploded from one year (2015) to this year.


Alexa Rating bottoms in May

There was a lag of about two months or so, but then the Alexa Rating bottomed in May and hasn't looked back since.  

 My team has tripled in size

As a result of a major recovery in traffic volume, our Team TOAN membership has stopped contracting and is expanding in sympathy of these other trends.My downline has tripled in just the few months. Because advertisers now getting THREE important things - a high volume of high quality traffic, at a low set price.  

It's the traffic network

The program's owner, Brian Rooney has vastly expanded his network and traffic and this is directly benefiting members since early 2016 by causing traffic to increase many times over.

I'm still getting around 400,000 to 500,000 impressions per month and hundreds of high quality clicks on my ads per month at roughly $0.04 per click. This compares to sources charging $0.50 per click so TOAN remains a great value. Remember, people clicking on these ads are not clicking to earn an ad credit or a penny like at Traffic Exchanges or PTC sites. They click because they are actually interested, motivated and 100% targeted prospects! 

Downline Builder News.....

TOAN added to two downline builders

A cute advertising site called Crazy About Banners has hooked up with Team TOAN, and has added TOAN to its Downline Builder. So if already a member of CAB, I suggest you visit the downline builder and add your TOAN, Traffic Wave or Leased Ad Space
Affiliate ID info right away as this could get you sign ups!

And if you are not already a member of CAB, I'd certainly recommend it at $20, 1-Time, for perpetual Text and Banner ads (2 each) plus 1,000 sign-in ads. Not to mention CAB's comp plan which consists of a 50% payment of $10 plus entrance into a 2x20 Matrix which max's out a cool Million Dollars....

Brenda Launches BYM - Build Your Matrix d/l Builder includes TOAN & TW

Brenda de Reus, one of my top team leaders in TOAN has launched her own downline builder this past month, including TOAN & Traffic Wave in a very limited number of programs (5) and this can only help to maintain or boost memberships at these two programs. In fact I've seen about a 23% increase in the size of my TOAN downline since Brenda launched it about two weeks ago. I highly recommend that if you belong to any of these programs, you join BYM which is free, and add your Referral ID's in the downline builder. And then market BYM with the excellent Affiliate Tools Brenda has set up for us.

Also take note of "Step 7" which is a complete marketing funnel that you can use to build an email list. Even low-tech people can master setting up their own funnel using Traffic-Wave with the help of Carol's step-by-step instructional video included.

This is a simple downline builder with only 5 programs with something in common; they all compensate members based on Matrix comp plans, and they are all low priced programs to enter but with large upside potential.

The portfolio consists of these 5 programs along with maximum payouts listed below.

The Online Ad Network (TOAN)     $19.95 per mon           3x10 Matrix     Advertising                  $88,000/mon

Crazy About Advertising (CAB)       $20 1-Time                  2x20 Matrix     Advertising                  $1 Million

Leased Ad Space       (LAS)              $7 to start                    8x7 Matrix       Advertising, Blog      see program

Traffic-Wave               (TW)               $17.95 per mon           3x10 Matrix     Auto Responder         $88,000/mon

4CORNERS Alliance (4CAG)            $18 to start                  4x6 Matrix       Financial Info             see program   

Upcoming Team TOAN Webinar

Brian Rooney (owner of TOAN and TW) and I will host a webinar Wednesday December 28 at 9pm EST - 6pm PST and members and non-members are invited to learn more about this explosive growth opportunity at The Online Ad Network.

Register here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Summary / Conclusions:

Interest in TOAN remains high and I continue to recommend because of the excellent volume and quality of traffic it's delivering and very high earnings/growth potential it provides as the market wakes up to the advertising value.

I expect membership growth should remain strong in 2017 with all the positive things going for it currently. It's never too late too join TOAN - while I have downline all the way to my 10th level, I am currently only filling my 3rd level right now due to inevitable turnover.

NEW Recommendations: Join (CAB) Crazy About Banners ($20) and (BYM) Build Your Matrix (free) as these provide synergy with TOAN and TW as well as a few others and CAB offers an earning opportunity of its own. If a bunch of us all decide to join and market it together, which we can do now through BYM, it could be fun and lucrative. Yet the risk is minimal.

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