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Expensive Looking Wedding Gifts You Can Sew Right Away

Choosing a wedding gift is not an easy task to deal with and especially when you want to make this day special from your gift. If you have the good basic sewing machine then you can sew the best gifts and present them to someone on their big day. Let us tell you about some of the best ideas you can try this season and sew expensive looking gifts. Expand the boundary of your creativity this time.

Photo Frame:

The photo frame can be one of the best gifts you can prepare when you are at the beginning level. You can also ask for the picture from the couple and frame it inside. You can choose any kind of fabric from the market and then prepare a funky and beautiful frame. You can add alphabet or initials of their names on your gift. You can cut hearts and circles to stick on it.

Photo Frame

Flaxseed Pillows:

Flaxseed pillows are warming and relaxing and if you will gift it to someone then they will ask for more. Sewing a pillow is an amazing and simple task to sew, you have to add flaxseed into it instead of cotton. This will be relaxing for the couple, and you can add a fancy look to the pillow. You can do embroidery or you can buy alphabets from the market and stick to the pillow. You can also write a message on the pillow.

Flannel Scarf:

Flannel scarf always looks precious and they are long-lasting. By using the best cheap sewing machine for beginners, you can sew a scarf. This is inexpensive in terms of sewing but when you present it to someone; this will look expensive and beautiful. You can choose any beautiful pattern from the market and add initials of the bride on that scarf too.

Leather Bag:

Leather is commonly available in the market and if you know how to sew it professionally then there could be no better gift. You can sew purse for a bride and wallet for a groom. You can add several stones or brooch on the bag. Make sure you are setting a sewing machine in the right position so the thread will be secured completely in the bag without loosening any of the neatness.

Leather Bag


If you have ever prepared fancy clothes then you should sew a gown for the bride and she will always remember you for a kind gesture. Gowns and shirts are of great importance especially when you are doing it for someone special. You may need measurements, so you can ask them as well as you can choose luxury fabric from the market and follow the instructions. Sew the gown and let appreciation fill your skill box.


To sew something related to the home d├ęcor and leather you should use a heavy duty sewing machine for satisfactory performance. You can also read some heavy duty sewing machine reviews to choose the right model according to your working requirements. This can be a strong point in your portfolio and you can work professionally on it.

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