31 Steps to Success

Published by David Gardner — 7-31-2020 at 7:14 PM UTC


Now I could send you a list of 31 things here that you could do that could overwhelm you in not knowing which one to choose first or which one might give you the best or fastest results.

Basically it comes done to one thing.

Taking massive imperfect action!

Yep, that's it.

You do not need to be perfect in order to start, though you will never get close to perfect if you do not take any consistent action.

Retired players get fat and out of shape because they are not working those same muscles and practicing their moves over and over again.

Day after day you need to take action and be consistent in your efforts.

That could be consistency with doing just ONE thing and seeing growth over time.

Maybe it's a video a day onto youtube.

Maybe it's a motivational post a day onto your social media channels.

Maybe it's an email a day to your existing list (while adding to future follow ups as well).

Maybe it's reaching out and networking with at least one person (if not more) to connect with and see how you can help them.

As today marks the end of another month in the books (you happy with your progress this year yet?) you now have 31 more opportunities in front of you with August to make things happen.

31 Steps to success.

I guarantee if you committ to just ONE month or these 31 days of doing something daily that you will feel that your content quality improves over this time...

...along with engagement and even possible leads and of course SALES!

Though if you just decide to sit back on your but with a nice drink, then likely you will be in the same spot you are in today!

I am not saying a drink at a nice location is not amazing as we all need to celebrate out successes as well, though it will likely nto be the thing that privides growth and financial stability for us and our families.

That is where the action comes in.

You have to act daily.

You also have to have the right tools in place to make sure you have the ability to streamline and automate processes when you are at the beach or on a boat.

That is where the Now Lifestyle all in one marketing tools suite comes in.


*Landing page builder

*Email autoresponder

*Authority Site Builder/Reseller Hosting

*Webinar room/live conference tools

*Video hosting and streaming without ads

These are all tools that every business online is looking for in order to build their brands and you can even earn commissions when you share these tools with those businesses as a reseller.

All the details are here:


Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

PS You have nothing to lose here as we have a 30 Day risk free guarantee on the products and tools, so you can basically make it all the way through the month of August testing it out.

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