Holy Crap...that was HUGE!

Published by David Gardner — 5-7-2020 at 9:14 PM UTC

Holy Crap, this was huge!

Earlier today I got an email from Joel Therien, our CEO!

Basically it hinted that even MORE is coming and there are some crucial commission updates on the NLS Professional inside the members area:

The upsell which now includes but is NOT limited to:

*Personal Branding Blueprint: Learn how to brand YOU first and foremost!

*Team Branding Blueprint: Learn how to grow your team the right way!

*Email Marketing Mastery: Become a master at email marketing

*Million Dollar Presentation Formula:Blow your webinar visitors away with this formula

Is actually going to be commissionable even by those who DO NOT OWN IT!

That was HUGE!

Yes  you just have to be an active reseller at any level in Now Lifestyle and you can earn 25% commissions which can be a nice chunk of change...Sell 4 of them and you have earned enough to cover your own if you do not have enough early on to upgrade.

There is a bog CON with this though.  You do NOT earn matching check bonuses if you do not own the product if that person you referred who upgraded then referred others who upgraded.

Now I want to point out why owning it is even better than not owning it.

Pro: You will have additional training from masters

Pro: You will be able to earn 50% front end commissions when anyone you sponsor also upgrades to that product.

Pro: You will be able to earn 25% matching check bonuses when anyone you sponsor sells it to someone that they sponsor

Pro: Refer just TWO people who upgrade and your investment in that product is covered, others are profits!

Pro: Anytime there are new products added you will gain access to those products and not pay another dime!

Pro: You can save this week before the price goes up again on Monday!

Con: Hmmm....I actually can't see any here...it is to your benefit to grab this upgrade as soon as you can.

Remember when you are an active reseller with the Now Lifestyle you get the following:

💰 100% Commissions potential

📲 Landing page builder

💻 Authority website builder

📩 Email autoresponder

🎥 HD video hosting/sharing

📈 Live video conference room

👥 Private community of marketers

😎 Grow any business with our products

Remember: It's the businesses and stores selling the tools who really got rich during things like the gold rush.

As so many businesses realize the importance of being online and having a presence and brand that people can search for, don't you think it is the same scenario here.



We want you to get in and get all in before the next guy does!!!

Here again in the image are my bonuses when you join and upgrade to yearly...If you are a current member, reach out to Support and ask to see if you can get the 25% discount and upgrade to yearly and I will hook you up with these bonuses as well.

The Traffic bonus alone could end up helping you build your team and earning commissions to bring you near profit though I make no guarantee that it will happen.

Just use this link here to join and grab your yearly discount AND traffic bonus!


Let's do this!

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