Your Mission...should you choose to accept it!

Published by David Gardner — 5-11-2019 at 1:49 PM UTC

Your Mission...Should you choose to accept it!

Whether you realize it or not I have been working online in one way or another since sometime in the early 2000's.

Likely it is something you have used and done as well and just might not have made the connection with yet.

I'm talking about things like Ebay and Craigslist.

You know...selling my own stuff that was just collecting dust in my house.

I was amazed at what some other people were selling, basically anything you could imagine.  The prices they would sometimes get for those was ridiculous as well.

How you present your offer can play a huge role in whether or not that item was seen or hopefully bought by someone.

The proper heading, subtitle, descriptions/content were and still are crucial to this day for those websites and getting found for any product online.

Now if I had just slapped a burry picture up with only a few words about the product, it would be hard for the consumer to know much about it and then could lead to the headache of the back and forth questioning on what shape it was in, the way it worked, what it could do for them, blah, blah, blah!

Instead if I provided some higher quality images as well as some better keywords and content, I was more likely to be found first of all.  Then the description must be able to provide some of the key qualities of the thing being offered as well as what it might be able to do for them physically or emotionally.

That same holds true for anything you are trying to get eyes on today.  You have to have a great offer, great visuals and details on how that product can help solve the viewers problems or pains.

It's not the "Field of Dreams"!

You can not just build it and they will come!

You have to present it in the right way and then have the best offer to flow with it otherwise it won't matter what it is...Don't worry, if your graphics/design are not top notch, though the offer is great, you can still have a winner on your hands.

Switch that around and have great graphics but a poor offer...That is another whole story.

These past two weeks I have been going through some awesome training on this whole process as a great refresher on one end (I have done a lot of the things already) and a great eye opener on the other (the way it is presented and recommended to set up has so much more potential that what I used to do in the past).

I will continue to share some of my big take aways, though if you want to jump in on the next 30 day challenge (reserve your spot as this round is currently closed) then you can do that here:

Another big take away is that with the way you set things up with an does not matter what niche you are in or product you are trying to sell.  It's never really about the products as much as the offer that goes with it.

For example...Getting the car or Getting the car with lifetime Free car Inspections might be a huge difference between choosing one dealership over another.

You just have to THINK and the ideas start to flow...or better yet, have a small mastermind session (or post a question on social media) and ask people for their opinions on what they would want added on, within reason of course, if they were to buy what you had to offer.

Start now!


Then be sure you have the right system in place to capture those contacts when they do come to your website so that you can build a lifelong relationship with them and continue to share your future offers.

This is the same software I am using right now that captured your email contact details and is allowing me to send this message to you.

NOTE: If you already have a Now Lifestyle VIP/Platinum membership this is already included!

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can accomplish right now.  As they say, massive imperfect action beats perfect inaction every day of the year.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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