Sunday Funday and Mucles on FIRE!!!

Published by David Gardner — 1-7-2019 at 12:11 AM UTC

Sunday Funday to you!

What did you do today to make yourself better?

Dani and I hit up the gym and got our Chest/Triceps on Fire!

We also did a little cardio as she ran while I walked to kick

our metabolism up even more...then I followed it by some tasty

Now Body protein blended with milk and strawberries.

Every day you can do small activities and make small changes

in your habits that can have a profound effect over time.

Take working out for example. I did not get to the weights

I am failing at when I first started working out again.

Not even close. 

Notice I said failing!

Failure is ok and what is expected here. This is the point

where the muscle can do no more and basically you feel as

though you are giving out in the workout.

But growth is what comes after this...especially with the 10

days off before I have to do chest/triceps again for example.

Lot's of time to recover, repair and grow.

It is sort of like business when you fail. You have time to

process what went right and more so, what went wrong.

You can adjust and fix things based on what you learned 

in the process of failing...and it is those who continue to 

adjust and keep moving forward, who NEVER quit, that

have the most successes.

There really is no such thing as an overnight success.

Perhaps someone busting their tail behind the scenes and

then finally having a breakthrough is more like it.

Because they never quit. They never stopped.

It does not matter that we are in a new year...what matters

is that each and every day you want to make yourself better

than what you were yesterday.

Never less!

If you are ready to make your tomorrow better and want a

system that can both kick your butt physically but also give

you the tools to bust tail in business, then by all means join

us here:

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I would highly recommend clicking that Now Body sport Supplements

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Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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