[eXtreme Traffic Package] Get a Mass of INTENSE Traffic for Whatever You Are Selling!

Published by DARRYL DEAN — 2-1-2019 at 8:57 AM UTC

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"Extreme Traffic Pack"
A Mass Of Intense Traffic
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Lifetime Membership in 8 Top Safelists & Exchanges, Search Engine Submitter, Classified Submitter, Directory Submitter, 100,000 Ad Poster, 1 Year Campaign of posting to over 7,515 carefully picked high traffic sites!

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- Founder Membership at Unlimited Viral Ads
- Lifetime Upgrade at Post Ads View Ads
- Lifetime Upgrade and 5 solos at Email My Ads (oh boy)

This bonus is valued at over $300 alone.

RE: Massive Traffic & Submitter Pack.


Dear Fellow Marketer,

Lifetime Membership in 12 Safelists & Exchanges:

 QuantumSafelist.com 15,000 Members (Value: $99.95)

 SafelisteXtreme.com 12,000 Members (Value: $99.95)

 DragonSafelist.com 12,000 Members (Value: $99.95)

 MoneyMakerSafelist.com 3,000 Members (Value: $49.95)

 SafelistKing.com 1,800 Members (Value: $49.95)

 TrafficAdLinks.com 22,000 Members (Value: $67)

 UltimateSafelistExchange.com 21,000 Members (Value: $67)

 DragonSurfer.com 1,700 Members (Value: $49.95)

 TrafficCenter.com 8,000 Members (Value: $79.95)

 UnlimitedViralAds.com 4,000 Members (Value: $129.95)

 PostAdsViewAds.com 4,000 Members (Value: $79.95)

 Lifetime Upgrade and 5 solos at EmailMyAds.com 4,500 Members (Value: $89.95)

These incredible sites are jam packed with active members just waiting to see what you have to offer!

Total Value of this part alone - $662.70!

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