Fanpage System Review: How to make money with “likes and “shares on Facebook

Published by Dan Watson — 1-30-2017 at 2:23 AM UTC

Fanpage System Review: How to make money with “likes and “shares on Facebook



Joel Therien is the CEO of GVO/Pure Leverage. Not too long ago he started a lead generation system that is helping people who LOVE to use Facebook to work up toward full-time income in earnings within their own home-based business. This system that I am talking about is designed for the average, run of the mill, every day internet marketer all the way up to the seasoned advanced internet marketers who have been doing this stuff for a while. Everyone can benefit from it!

Highly converting capture pages, software to track your links, and a no cost lead generation platform on the front end of this funnel make it almost impossible for people NOT to give you their name and email!  So.. no matter what experience level you are at, you can use this Fan Page System, and the LEVERAGE of Facebook to build a home based business without spending one red cent on Facebook ads. Let Joel take care of that part!




You start out being provided with 3 different squeeze pages (I want to stress again here that there are ZERO technical skills needed on your end for this), with a HIGH value proposition for anyone who lands on your squeeze page (Check out one of the pages here if you like). After that person clicks to your page and enters their info, you now have an opt in to your list!  From there you can start building a relationship with the people on your email list and start talking to them about your home based business and different traffic sources you use as well as different tools they may find helpful with their own business.  For example:  if you are in the health and wellness niche, you may post on your Facebook wall, “Here’s how the leaders in XYZ company are generating X many leads per day using only Facebook!” and then send them to one of your three slick squeeze pages


But hold on there! What if I were to tell you that there is an EVEN EASIER way to start using the Facebook Fan Page System for generating people into your email list?  There actually is! Joel will explain everything as soon as you get inside!


  1. You’ll Be Directed to Join the Pure Leverage Closed Facebook Group
  2. You’ll Also be Directed to Like Joel Therien’s Facebook Page
  3. Like, Share, and Comment – 3 times-a-day

THAT’S IT!  Easy Peazy!  Joel has already paid over $65,000 in Facebook advertising that benefits the Fan Page System members by promoting it FOR you! You are getting PAID FACEBOOK TRAFFIC for free with this system!

(Geo-Targeted Facebook traffic is considered to be some of the highest quality and best converting traffic in our industry!)


So if you just did the minimum and what Joel calls your CORE COMMITMENTS – Like, Love, Share, Comment 3 times-a-day, you will be an absolute ROCKSTAR and be able to leverage the momentum of this powerful viral Facebook system.  The BEST part is this….. Can you see how this could be duplicated by ALL the people who YOU refer to it? – And for those of you in network marketing in particular?  OR…… you could use this Fan Page System to build a massive home based business whatever internet marketing opportunity you already happen to be in. This is because of the powerful effect Email marketing can have when you do it right! We show you how to do it right and we even let you start for FREE!

Things The FAN PAGE SYSTEM Has Going For It:

  • Easily Duplicatable
  • Done For You capture pages, complete lead generation system
  • Irresistible Front End Offer
  • Extremely High Conversion To Sale Percentage
  • Residual Commissions
  • Can Be Used To Build ANY Existing Business
  • No Technical Skills Required, WHATSOEVER!

If you have decided to start building a massive Email list and accelerate your internet business growth, then I would highly recommend that you click HERE or any of the Fan Page system links on this page to join my team of like minded marketers!

Why would you join the Fan Page System?
The Fan Page System will help you build a very profitable list of Email addresses that belong to people who have already exposed to network marketing. All without having to do your own advertising. That’s because Joel is already paying thousands of dollars to Facebook to use THEIR advertising FOR YOU! That’s exactly why this program is so successful. Because Joel Therien is running paid advertising to posts in the group that create tons of leads in addition to members liking, loving commenting, and sharing posts related to the Fan Page System. This help the posts get more social reach on Facebook. It really does supercharge the entire process!

My Fan Page System Review: Does The Fan Page System Work?

I would be willing to say that even if you have ZERO experience and you havn’t even made your first dollar online, that there is no reason you WON’T make money with this program if you follow the instructions and take the steps required.


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*The owner of this article may receive compensation when products and services featured within are purchased. Results may vary because your results are based ONLY on you taking action… not only watching videos and then just signing up!*




Do I Have to UPGRADE to Pure Leverage to Use the Program?
NO, you don’t have to upgrade to Pure Leverage to build an email list using the Fan Page System. However, you will be slightly limited to the size of the list that you can build with your free autoresponder. You can promote ANY product, service, software, or home based business opportunity you want to promote with the Fan Page System using their autoresponder to email all the people on the list you’ve built at ANY time!.

Do I Have to UPGRADE to Pure Leverage Make Money with This?
YES, you MUST upgrade to be paid for selling upgrades with this system.However, The Fan Page System is a 100% FREE system that gives you their top of the line autpresponder for you to use with the built for you squeeze pages that convert like hotcakes. So you can build you list for free and Email you list about absolutely ANY product, service or oppourtunity that you could possibly think of! The users of the Fan Page System can easily upgrade to the paid version which is Pure Leverage.This includes an entire suite of internet marketing tools that every business needs to grow their business online today. Included is a turn-key blog, done-for-you squeeze pages and auto-responder, video emailing system, and of course a video conferencing software as well!.

Can you Like, Love Comment, and Share on 3 Posts Per Day? If so, Start Your Fan Page System FREE ACCOUNT NOW!

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