Published by RANDY SEVILLE — 7-6-2017 at 2:10 AM UTC

Traffic is not equal traffic!

What is the sense of getting a lot of traffic but no signups into your programs? How much traffic you get and how many click throughs is shown as CTR in the most statistics.

But really don't you wanna know how responsive a program is? Does it really deliver signups and not just traffic?

Real Measurable Results, that's LGR, and that's just another thing that is integrated at HIQ Mailer.

We at HIQ mailer know exactly which programs do generate Leads, not just Clicks.

Combined with the most affordable upgrades which suit everybodys budget, HIQ Mailer should defintly be part of your daily email marketing campaigns.

HIQ Mailer is a Tested and Proven referral source.



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