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I am a recently retired military veteran of 40 years of military service. I have transitioned into being an Online Marketer. I believe that this venture in online marketing is the best and most extraordinary venture for this part of my life. The fascinating thing is that I can play a major role in being a blessing to so many people by marketing valuable resources to my online community. One of the amazing products I've had a lot of success marketing is our Wine Club products.
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Our business has simply exploded because we are able to deliver some of the world's best wines right to a person's door monthly AND at insane low prices. The fact that people can't purchase these wines at their local market and can ONLY get them through our Membership Wine Club has exploded our online business. I have Customers who love the wines AND I also have clients that partner with our team and build a business with us.

It's been a wonderful journey so far. What's great is that I will never have to "live off of a fixed Income". So as a Senior Citizen, that is a marvelous feeling knowing I can live out my life financially fit and be a blessing to my family. BUT more than that, seeing my team members experience the same financial success is simply "icing on the cake". Living Life On My Terms".

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