How to self fund your online business and pay for advertising in 30 days or less!

Published by Seely Clark — 7-8-2018 at 7:43 PM UTC

Hey my friend,


Just writing today about getting creative with funding your



If you use this simple trick I mention, you should be self

funding a small ad budget / business in 30 days, or less-

depending on your circumstances...


Many people plead poverty when it comes to starting an online



But I have observed that is, someone who REALLY wants something


enough, they find a way to get it!


It's that simple....


For example, let's say you're in a business like Now LifeStyle


costs 50 bucks per month to run and...


since you are smart business person and want to build your


faster than "free ads" also want to invest 50 bucks a


towards paid advertising as well....


But you're nervous about where the money is going to come from...




Read on below!


I just recently heard of an app called iBotta.

Sounds weird right? Not really...


It is simply a smartphone based app that has been around since

2012, has had dang near 22 million downloads and you can use it

for your every day shopping on things like groceries,

electronics, clothing, gifts, home and office supplies,

restaurant dining, and more. and you can get cash back! 


No points gimmicks etc. Cash back!


Like paid to your Paypal account kind of cash back!


Now that's pretty cool! 

Feel free to join Ibotta by clicking here


I don't know about you, but with my high protein diet 

(400 grams per day minimum) 

I am the same cost to feed as a family of 3 or 4...


I am SURE that just on groceries I can save at least 100 bucks a

month with this app!


So there it is! Get a little creative and be thrifty when and

where you can! There are tons more apps like this out there and

if used properly can save you hundreds a month on things you

already buy anyway!


Get out there and choose your own app- YOU pick what works best

for you!


I have heard that there are even more specific apps where you can

save on a narrower range of things- such as tire, auto, gas etc.

and you can bet your hind end that I will be checking those out too!


Best practice for life in general- join and use as many discount

programs as you can at once because it all does really add up! 


It's that simple! Just keep certain costs down so that your money

can work smarter for you by leveraging growth and success


THAT is what people who are SERIOUS about working their

businesses do!



That's it for now,

Keep an eye out for more updates, tips, and tricks that will help

YOU succeed!


Have a great day!



Seely Clark IV

If you have any questions, you can feel free 

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