FINALLY! An answer to your (and many other's) question..!

Published by Seely Clark — 6-25-2018 at 6:38 PM UTC

Hey my friend,

Just reaching out to today with a video
that answers the question that many newbies in Now LifeStyle
have. It is also a question from NLS veterans who have been using
other free or paid traffic methods but now are interested in this
new option we have available to you....

So today's video and blog post here will show you how to locate
and purchase
the social media leads that are available
to you in the Now LifeStyle back office.

Here is the video below:

These are great for those already in Now
LifeStyle and/or are free members are
thinking about upgrading to the 50 month
package as well as for those people that
have already upgraded and are looking for

If you are not a member of Now LifeStyle yet
you may join us HERE so you can take a look
at who we are and what we are about...

Call it a test drive :)

If you are reading this and are still a free member,
I highly suggest that you go upgrade to the 50 per
month package HERE

It's the best way that you can
stay on a budget but also be able to earn
up to 90% commissions as you're walking into
a done for you, international health and wellness

AND once you have upgraded, I will then
be able to help you build and grow your
NLS downline and business. If you do not
upgrade, I can not help build your down line...

Now back to the social media leads and why
they are very important....

It's all about traffic...Free traffic vs. Paid traffic...

I tell everybody I use free advertising it
works, it's awesome, I've used it since
I've been online when I first started in
2010. I still use free advertising every
day but "free" means you invest time instead
of dollars.

BUT- Money loves speed- and in business if
you can afford to use paid advertising- DO IT.

It'll save you time and will build your business
faster than free. That's just a fact-
providing you follow up with them regularly!

That's all I'm gonna say on that.

Anyway, check out that video- here is the link again

Enjoy the video and I'll talk to ya soon!


Seely Clark IV

PS: If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact 

me at the details below:



phone: +12076599949


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