Do you really need to know everything about EVERYTHING to be successful?

Published by Seely Clark — 5-22-2018 at 5:20 PM UTC

News flash- You don't need to know everything to succeed

with this!


But I'm getting ahead of myself here...


First off- welcome to the hundreds of people that have joined

me in Now LifeStyle recently!


So Glad to have you here and I truly truly TRULY hope that

you’re off to a great start with NLS!


If you’re NOT off to a great start, or haven’t even gotten

started yet, these may be some of the reasons why....


You can’t get into your account!


You may have forgotten your login details!


You might have more than one account!


You think that you NEED to know this inside & out before can get




The take home here is that many many MANY people are either-


a) having analysis paralysis


b) throwing their hands up and shutting off the computer or


 (yes, QUITTING!) when they can’t login or have a speed bump like



c) refusing to watch the getting started videos because it “takes

too much time”

Only 5 percent of people who log in watch that video!


Well, it’s really not that complicated and is super easy to



Step 1) find your login info, or get it from our 24/7 support-

and login!


Step 2) log in and watch the big get started video in the middle

of your members area!


Step 3) go do what the videos say.


Step 4) copy and paste your done for you links into advertising,

then when people join, just welcome them!


When you do that, you will be waaay ahead of the other 95% that

have done NOTHING!


Go login to your existing account and get started here:


If you haven't created an account- do so by clicking here:



That’s it! The rest you can worry about LATER!


ALL you really need to know is that IT IS SIMPLE AND IT WORKS and

that we HELP YOU with the rest!


Now get in there and get started!


Seely Clark IV



About Seely Clark


I live in Bangor, Maine and I worked full-time as a RN at a local hospital. In 2010 I started working online Part-time after my mother was disabled by a heart attack. I wanted to build extra income to help with her health care. What started as a way to make extra income has grown into a passion! Over the last several years, it has started to come together for me. I am now able to work online full time It is AMAZING! Over the years I have learned a great deal about marketing on the Internet. I have learned many things that don’t work and and much that DOES work. One thing I have learned is that for me to succeed, I have to help others succeed. So now my focus is on teaching others what I have learned works so that they can avoid the money wasting struggles I went through and finally start making money on the Internet.