How do you network and advertise with 2880 pounds of concrete?

Published by Seely Clark — 4-25-2018 at 2:56 AM UTC

So it was a nice day out today here in Florida.


Jeff, the owner of the RV park was buzzing around on his golf

cart when I was coming back from town. 


He stopped at his garage and by the time I got around to where he


He had this constipated look on his face...

and was looking around his garage like his tools set had just

spoken to him and he was trying to figure out where the voice had

come from.


So he looked busy and sightly irritated and confused. I made a

poit to stop, roll down my window and say hi. I asked him how it

was going. We chit chatted for a second. I mostly just listened-

really listened to him when he told me how it was going (this is



He said good but busy and that he had to run.


I said "cool man, no worries,  have at it. I'll catch up with you



He hopped on the golf cart, went to pull out on it, then he

paused and said,

"Hey, I gotta run cuz we're building a fake rock down by the

lake, but if you wanna see how it's done, stop on by, it's pretty



So after I parked the car I headed down to see what all they were

up to.


They have a long, but separated network of cinder blocks setup

around the lake here at the park that function as sets of steps

by the lake that are level for people to stand/ sit on and take

in the scenery. 


These spots also function as anti erosion areas so that when we

get a lot of water and flooding it does not eat away at the banks

and endanger people / RVs near the lakes edge (which are primo

spots to be btw).


So they had 36 80 pound bags of concrete mix in the back of

Jeff's half ton Dodge and they were mixing it in big 5 gallon

buckets with water to make peanut butter consistency concrete.


They were taking this and plopping it over the cinder blocks,

troweling it out until the blocks wee covered, and making it look

like big flat rocks. 


At this point (Jeff knows I work online for myself) Jeff says,

"You don't mind giving us a hand do ya?" I said. "No problem, my

business stuff is all up and running on auto pilot, and I'm glad

to get out from behind the computer and get some fresh air." 


So Jeff tells me" I'm gonna have ya work with Glen here and you

will be mixing the concrete and taking it to him, and when you

get down there I figured I'd have you see how he does it and then

you can take a turn. I'm gonna pay ya a lil bit of something for

your time. In the process you can learn how to do what Glen does,

so you'll have a new skill. Which is cool by the way because down

here in Florida you don't need a permit to do this type of




So I went to work mixing, lugging concrete soup, and learning...

It was hotter than Marilyn Monroe's ass out there, but it was

fun, and ultimately worth my time investment for sure.



Another thing that I was doing by being out there today was

"walking the walk" They all know that I am in a "health and

wellness" business and I am being a "product of the product" by

demonstrating being able to lug and mix he majority of the

concrete laid out there today. Most guys at 41 years old with a 

bad back ( I had surgery for a BADLY blown L4-L5 disc in 2006, I

had an AMAZING neurosurgeon, and was able to return to work

nursing, but it was never the same)


That kind of work out there today was not something I would have

been able to do two years ago- because of my back- before

discovering the NLS workouts. No way, no how. I could just barely

make it through a 12 hour nursing shift two years ago back home. 


Now because of how even more ridiculously strong my NLS workouts

have made me, and because they are short in duration and do not

stress my lower back like most regimens, I am able to rock and

roll when needed!



Back to the story-  I impressed Jeff today  and also a while

back..., I raked and hauled my own leaves back on Easter Sunday

and I made a point to do an excellent job of spreading them on

the back path so that they made it look like the trail out back

was groomed. 


Jeff and I took a ride around on the golf cart and he showed me

where to put the leaves, we talked a bit...  and I made sure to

really listen to him when he spoke so he felt truly heard. I told

him a little about me when he asked, but mostly I just listened.


Jeff was super impressed by my job on the leaves and mentioned it

several times since then, including just 3 or 4 days ago.


It's because of the relationship I built with Jeff- that's why he

offered me paid on the job training... not because of my size, (I

am big)...and not because he was short on help (he had two other

guys plus him doing the concrete). It was because I took the time

to stop and say hi to him at least once a day since we landed

here in December. I had cultivated a relationship with him. 


And I really don't need the money, as he knows, so he decided to

pay me in the form of knocking a bit off my lot rent for the



You know what that does? That leaves me free to use whatever

money he knocks off rent and I'll just use it to buy some

additional advertising this month! BONUS!


PLUS all that I learned today leaves me a set of skills I can use

any time to print extra money on demand. Cuz guess who Jeff will

call if he has bigger jobs outside the park? That's right- me! 


This story isn't meant to brag, just to illustrate how important

it is to really learn how to network, how to treat people like

people, not to look at them as JUST your landlord, or JUST your

neighbor, or JUST that guy I met at the Wal-Mart....


Treat them like people- like you would a friend- it may not seem

it at first, but it REALLY leaves an impression on them. And it

doesn't cost a thing to BE NICE to someone!


When you network properly by really giving a shit about people

and their wants and needs- even just taking the time to stop and

bullshit for a minute or two a day-

it pays off in more ways than you can possibly imagine.


Well, I am headed off to bed, because I will be back at it

tomorrow at 9 am.


Have a great night!




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