Here is how to fix a common problem that occurs with manual traffic exchanges...

Published by Seely Clark — 3-12-2018 at 3:49 PM UTC

This video I did here today is for users of manual traffic exchanges that surf many exchanges at once on their computer. There is a frequent glitch that may be problematic for you and I show you how to fix it without getting into trouble at the TE you are surfing. Watch the video by clicking HERE  

This glitch happens when surfing some older sites that have the older scripts that can get bogged down and act glitchy. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to my channel if you found this valuable.

These sites can also act up if your computer is not up to snuff in memory or because of a whacked out / crappy internet connection If you have never heard of them, manual traffic exchanges are a great way to get almost instant traffic to your websites and / or offers. 

Manual traffic exchanges are free to join and use and are great for those on a shoestring marketing budget or even if you are "broke as a joke". They are "free" because the currency you do invest in this advertising source is your time

I have been using manual traffic exchanges since I started online in 2010 and still use them to this day. 

Once you learn how to stack them together and surf multiple exchanges at once- leveraging your time and effort- , their reach and impact on visits to your website or offers, and the resulting amount of leads, sign ups, and sales that you can get. 

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