Go from Idiot to Icon in your online business, affiliate program, direct selling, MLM or network marketing business! Here's the honest truth about why most people fail online.

Published by Seely Clark — 2-24-2018 at 11:21 AM UTC

Most people fail online for these reasons. 

Failure reason number 1) Being a "professional program joiner" or a"program hopper"... This is someone who joins program after program, drawn in by the glitz and glamour of undoubtedly well written, exciting ad copy saying things like "This business is unlike any other you've ever seen" or "make 10 thousand dollars a month by doing nothing!" or "Join now, we promote for you and all you have to do is sit back and rake in the commissions!" or "Push button riches here! Just join and make money in the next 24 hours on autopilot!!" People eat this shit up like a starving man eats a T Bone when he's given one! 

People who are professional program hoppers LOVE the idea of easy money with no effort. If they have been in program after program and failed- which 95 percent of people online have been, they think it is the business, the compensation plan, the products, the price of the products, or the leadership. All of these are FALSE. It isn't the program, product, or price, it is THEM. Yup, I said it. 

If you're one of those who are failing, don't be pissed at me for calling this problem out, its fact: When you have hundreds and thousands of people having success in many MANY different MLMs, network marketing businesses, direct sales opportunities, affiliate programs and you are not, it is proof right there in black and white, on their leaderboard checks that IT ISN'T THE BUSINESS! If it was then NONE of them would make any money and the business wouldn't be around! 

If you are a professional joiner and never stick to promoting just ONE business, you will always be spread too thin to succeed. 

That and, as a professional program hopper you are KILLING your own CREDIBILITY! 

If everyone sees you in the deal of the week one month and some do join you in deal A, and then you join another deal a month later saying that THIS NEW business is the best deal and for them to come join you over here at deal B instead, many will tell you to get bent, because you look like an idiot, and/ or worse you look like an idiot who doesn't stick with things, and they FEEL like an idiot for joining you, because BAM you just left em hangin' in deal A and went to deal B!!! 

ALSO you will be killing your credibility with many of your "could've been" leads and prospects because they see you hopping from deal to deal all the time and they are like "That person is a flake, they are in a new deal every week, I'm not following them into ANYTHING!" It's Simple psychology!

The cure for not taking action by being a professional program joiner is to COMMIT fully to just ONE business and STICK WITH IT! 

Failure reason number 2) Not knowing your craft and how simple it actually is! Learn to market the right way! And DON"T over complicate the process or try to reinvent it either! The tried and true, time tested, proven on many checks of top earners way to success is marketing known as EMAIL MARKETING and DUPLICATION! 

Email marketing is done by using a lead capture page to capture subscribers information so that you are building your email list at the same time that you are building your business. Then once they are on your list, offer them real help and content of value to them that will help THEM succeed. This is called following up. It's that simple!

Email marketing simplified: Gather leads through your lead capture pages==> use your auto responder to follow up with your leads / subscribers daily, or AT LEAST every other day! Rinse and repeat! THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT KEYS TO ONLINE SUCCESS!

You should always be building your email list while you are building your business. This will enable you to follow up with all of your leads and prospects using an auto responder. You can send out team emails about best business practices, business news, upcoming events, tips for success regarding whatever business or niche you are in etc. Basically as long as you're not an asshole and spam them with other shit, and as long as you treat them well, and you are consistently follow up and are there to help them, they will listen to you once they get to know, like, and trust you. 

That is the beauty of using an auto responder! this allows you to duplicate yourself and gives you the ability to help hundreds or thousands of people with one email and the click of your mouse. Remember, you are only one person and only have 24 hours in a day, so you need to be constantly on the lookout for tools and platforms that help you "duplicate" yourself. You also want to look for tools that help them- meaning those that join you in your business- to duplicate your success!

Failure reason number 3) Not following in the footsteps of successful people in your business! Look at what the top earners are doing to succeed and do what they do! LOOK at how and where they network. Look at how they create leads and meet people, how and where they advertise, how they follow up with people. Look at how and what they do and the tools they use to allow their team members duplicate their success. Look at how they know which people to help first (this is a cold hard fact, but important) in the business. Look how they can turn that person into a rock star in their team. These are the things you need to be doing!

Failure reason number 4) NOT TAKING ACTION! Many people fail because they NEVER take action! They are either afraid to get started because they are overwhelmed, afraid of failure, afraid of success, don't think they can help people who join them. It doesn't matter the reason for not taking action!  What matters is that you realize that stagnation = failure! Want a 100% proven way to fail? You got it at your fingertips- don't take any action! 

Simple, consistent, constructive daily action will lead to your success!  

Want to turn your failure into success? Do these things:

1) Find a program and stick with it!

2) Learn to market the right way and don't over complicate it! 

3) Model successfu people's habits!

4) Take daily massive imperfect action!

5) Repeat the above 4 steps all day every day!

That's all for now. Get out there and take some massive imperfect action!

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