The Perfection myth and why it is KILLING your progress!

Published by Seely Clark — 11-12-2017 at 6:21 PM UTC

Are you a perfectionist? A lot of people are and don't even know it...

Being a perfectionist in business can really slow down your


Sometimes the fear of making mistakes or not having everything

completely perfect starting off can stop you dead in our tracks.

Running 1000 miles in the wrong direction is better than not

moving at all!

Even if you don't end up here you were going, you still will have

learned a lot on the journey!

Whenever you start something new, there WILL be a learning


And even when you are more experienced, things will not always go

as smoothly as you want them to.

That's just the nature of business, and of life in general.

You are not alone in being a perfectionist!!!! Many people are.

Heck, I am right there with you!

I am headed down to Texas to meet Joel Therien himself!

And I have just come off of a month of 18 hour days in the

process of getting rid of 90% of my "stuff"and packing up my life

into an RV and heading cross country to live the life of my


That involved many hours of imperfection and things not going as


 a little too much on the road food,

a fuel leak in the camper with a 4 day layover in PA.

an extra day in Knoxville Tennessee to find a generator that

would power my CPAP so I can sleep well and be safe to drive....

you get the idea.

None of it has gone perfectly. But it is PROGRESS!

That's what people mean by massive imperfect action!!

I am closer to Texas now, well rested, safe to drive, and had an

amazing home cooked meal last night prepared by my loving and

thoughtful wife Liz.

I am making progress and living my dreams!

If I can do it (and I'm FAR from perfect!) then so can YOU!

Here is the solution to reducing your anxiety and relieving the

"Perfection Pressure"

It's called taking it one step at a time, every day.

Here is the video:

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