Here is a how to video showing the way to get free traffic using traffic exchanges.

Published by Seely Clark — 9-1-2017 at 6:04 AM UTC

One of the best low cost ways to get started advertising online is still traffic exchanges. I use traffic exchanges to build my email list for my Now Lifestyle Business and my Conversion Pros business too...

Traffic exchanges were where I got started advertising online back in 2010 and I still use them today.

Click the ink below for a how to video where I show you how to get signed up to a traffic exchange and get started. 

Here is that link:

With traffic exchanges, you can go the completely free route or set up a small, low cost advertising plan using traffic exchanges.

Most traffic exchange free memberships give you a 3:1 or a 2:1 surf ratio. This means that you must view 2 or 3 pages to get enough credit for someone to view your website or offer once. That is not good math for your efforts. That's where upgrading comes in. What you want to accomplish by upgrading is getting a 1:1 surf ratio. MAKE SURE that the upgrade being offered gives you a 1:1 surf ratio or better. Otherwise the upgrade isn’t going to be  worth it. remember- DON'T spend beyond your means- if you can't afford to upgrade yet- just use it as a free member- but remember that you will have to surf more sites and for longer to get the amount of traffic you will need.

Back to the upgrade thing. If you choose to upgrade, you are looking for a 1:1  surf ratio. What 1:1 surf ratio means is that for every website you view you get one website credit towards people viewing your site.

The upgrade costs are anywhere from $3.95/month up to $15/month or more depending on the traffic exchange. If you are going to spend money and upgrade, I suggest finding 5 traffic exchanges that have a large active membership base that will give you the most unique views possible for your efforts and that the upgrade you choose should be between $5 and $10 bucks per month.

I am here to teach you the concept of stacking and leveraging traffic exchanges to get YOU the best results possible for YOUR needs.

Your other option when signing up to a new traffic exchange is, if they offer it when you sign up, is to take the lifetime upgrade that they may offer. Some do and some don’t offer this. If they do offer a lifetime upgrade, and ONLY  if you can afford it, then take the lifetime upgrade. This is good math because it’s advertising that you pay for once and never have to pay for again. That’s a win win.

One thing I am going to mention here is that, in my opinion, whenever you advertise, you should ALWAYS be advertising using a lead capture page. ALWAYS.

A lead capture page is where someone enters their name and email for more information on your offer. Then their name and email is in your auto responder and you can follow up with them for as long as they are on your list. 

Here is an example below of a lead capture page that i use to build my list in my Now LifeStyle Business:

This page is attractive, simple, and to the point and makes people want to opt in and see more of what you have to offer. This is what you should be looking for in a good lead capture page. Also, get a unique lead capture page so it is different than other's capture pages who are promoting what you are. So it stands out more than your raw affiliate link to the corporate website or stands out more than a corporate cookie cutter lead capture page that were done by the company. And if possible get a lead capture page that has a spot for them to enter their name, email, AND phone number so that you have many ways to connect with them. 

Once you are building your email list- follow up with them!!! Email them from your auto responder. Heck, if they give you their real phone number in the opt in page- give them a text or phone call to say thanks for opting in, and to see how they are doing! A Word of advice about following up with your list via email. YES the fortune is in the follow up- but- DO NOT spam them. Offer them tips tricks and other offers that are congruent with the FIRST offer that they signed up to see.

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