Networked Advertising Sites- Small But MIGHTY!

Published by Seely Clark — 1-22-2017 at 1:40 AM UTC

There are some advertising sites out on the internet that are HUGE.

But i just wanted to point out that online, much like in life, you should never underestimate the "little guy"!

Now I'm NOT putting down these sites by referring to them as "the little guy". They are just "little"

compared to some of the monstrous ad websites such as ClixSense have around 5,000,000 members.

These smaller sites have been powerhouses for me and served me very well long term, I still use them today

and always will. The owners on most of these sites such as Marci Jones- Fritz (Viral Commissions, Viral Taco Traffic)

and others like Greg Chadwick (Micro Power List ) are easy to communicate and work with, have a fast support

response time, and have some sweet deals on solos and generally have some other very cost effective ads-

like login ads, solo ads, hotlink ads, button ads-that reach out very well and very far.

These sites may appear simple but they are very powerful because there is a TON of them out there!

And they are usually linked to a network of other sites just like them. Which  boils down to the fact that

if you look at the banner ads, the text ads in the members area they have some of those ads running to their

 OTHER sites, or they just keep it simple and list them in the middle of the home page or off on the top left

hand side where all the clickable navigation buttons are so that you can access them easily and sign up to

similar sites of theirs if you want to. The site and membership base (which may or may not be listed on their

 home page) may seem a bit small as compared to ClixSense Or To A Mailer like Email-Hog that has over 6,000 members,

but when you look at all their partner sites, the ads you place can really reach a LOT of people.

Banner ads make up a big part of these sites. they are everywhere in the site. Anywhere you place banner ads, they work for you 24/7 and are VERY cost effective at these types of networked sites. 

To learn how to post and check a banner at these types of sites, click HERE 

It will serve you well to advertise everywhere no matter how "small" the site seems.

Because you never know where your next referral or sign up may come from.

Until next time we meet Constant Reader, I wish you much success!

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