How to leverage a one time low cost investment- available right here in Leased Ad Space- into lifetime income!

Published by Seely Clark — 7-20-2018 at 2:03 PM UTC

Just a quick how to video today showing how to send a solo ad at
Leased Ad Space. When this site is used correctly and
consistently- especially utilizing the life time solo ad that
they offer, you can get a boat load of residual traffic to your
offers and in turn will have more people seeing your offers which
can get you more leads, signups, and sales.

Here is the video below, simply click on the video to watch it:

For  9.97 one time cost you get a solo ad for life, that you can

send once every 28 days to the database of members of Leased Ad

Space that have signed up to read solo ads. I think the current

solo ad database member registry (number of people signed up to

read solos) is about 40,000...BUT the traffic does not stop there

my friend! 

Because your solo ad gets cross posted to the "Ad Blog" it

becomes ANOTHER new page of content for the search engines to

crawl and look at and if you have cool keywords in there or other

content that it likes, you will start ranking in the search

engines and will also show up when people type in search terms

that are similar to what your solo ad was about. 

I use Leased Ad Space every day to build my Now LifeStyle

business and, regardless of which business you promote, it would

be wise to take advantage of the one time low cost intro

membership because of the massive value that it delivers! A

brandable personalized blog and a solo ad for life for 9.97 one

time? That's a smart advertising investment no matter how you

slice it! 

Please remember this tip no matter where or what you are

advertising: always, always ALWAYS use a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE so you

can be building your email list at the same time that you are

building your business. Some businesses come and go, but a solid

email list of people whom you treat like gold will be there for a


If you have not joined Leased Ad Space yet, feel free to do so


That is all for today my friend, 

I look forward to seeing you on the inside of LAS and

wish you much success!


Seely Clark IV

If you have any questions, you can feel free 

to contact me at the details below:



phone: +12076599949


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