The Financial Revolution, Blockchain and Digital Currency.

Published by Carlos Almeida — 6-17-2017 at 5:38 PM UTC

                                                      A new Worldwide System that will be the future of payments.

The world is on the brink of the next Tech Revolution. The technology has transformed our world:

-Google changed information

-Amazon changed shopping

-Facebook changed friendship

-Apple changed phones

But a far more significant change is coming…

A Paradigm Shift

Yahoo gave way to Google

Myspace gave way to Facebook

Nokia gave way to Apple

For every pioneering brand there is always a second, more successful one. An innovator who takes the best of the first and adds to it. For those who see these trends early, the benefits can be life-changing.

Now, market experts and entrepreneurs have identified the latest trend: an explosion in digital currencies, driven by a technology called Blockchain.

The way we pay for goods and services is already changing

People around the world are using less cash. Cash less societies are growing.

-Credit and debit cards are still popular, but could be on their way out.

-Smartphones and digital transactions now go hand-in-hand.

-Digital currency and fiat currency already co-exist and digital currency will only continue to grow in popularity and usability. It is just the next age.

Smart apps are already used to pay goods and services. Some of us don’t have to use our cards to cash money anymore. We can go to a cash machine and take money out using a secure pin through a smart phone.



The blockchain is changing the future of transactions forever.

Blockchain is a tool that makes all digital property completely secure, removing all risk of theft, hacking and duplication. This means people everywhere can transact safely and securely without the need for guarantees and fees (of the middle men) from banks or governments. Blockchain eradicates all that completely. The system is so robust, so bulletproof, it is guarantee enough in itself.

Ultimately, Blockchain will change our understanding of money forever.

“…one of the biggest IT inventions of our time” , Theguardian


80% of the world’s banks are now developing their own blockchain technology. Two or three years ago these people were completely against the blockchain technology and digital currency. Now they have realized they can’t stop it.

-Dubai aims to shift 100% of government transactions to blockchain by 2020.

-The Indian government sees blockchain as the means to abolish cash.

-The government in Nigeria sees that as the same. Why? Because some of those countries have got what they call black money and the blockchain eradicates all of this bad stuff in our world, eradicates people being able to move currencies through criminal activities, etc..

Bitcoin is the tip of the Iceberg

Bitcoin was the world’s first (and currently most popular) digital currency – blockchain technology was invented to support it. Instead of a physical currency regulated by governments and controlled by banks, Bitcoin puts money in the hands of the people. Using blockchain, it allowed international transactions with tiny fees, no government involvement, and a new kind of security – it changed the nature of money.

If we look back and take Facebook as an example, when Mark Zuckerberg had the brilliant concept of people interacting all over the world through one social media platform. When he invited 38 of his friends, 33 turned him down and laughed at him. Five of them saw the vision and joined him and the rest, as we know, is history.

Now people are starting to take bitcoin and other crypto currencies extremely serious.

Two major gurus, Richard Bronson and Bill Gates, have made many comments in the media about bitcoin, its technology and how is going to change the world. In March 2017 history was made as bitcoin became worth more than gold. Early adopters of the virtual currency are suddenly rich. Man buys $27 worth of bitcoin, forgets about it, and finds they are now worth $886K.

Early adopters, who got in first, everybody who got in the beginning of the virtual currency made some very good returns, indeed.

Out team would like to share with you a virtual currency, a digital asset that is already here. It’s been around for 6 months now. It started minting the coins on the 31st of March2017 and we would like to give you the opportunity to get in now before the masses, so you could be one of the early adopters in our business.

The market continues to grow

Despite everything that’s happening with digital currencies, the values are increasing over and over again.

Look what Richard Bronson said not so long ago: “Bitcoin is not the perfect global currency of the future yet, but it’s the pioneer of a global currency…there will be other currencies like it that may be even better”.

If you would have known about the next digital currency that is going to take the mass market adoption and take the market by storm, what would the answer be now? Of course, it’s going to be YES.

The Market is Growing Rapidly:

April 2017 - $ 25.8 Billion

May 2017 - $ 37.8 Billion

June 2017 - $ 100.0 Billion

That’s an amazing growth. Current currencies are exploding.

Every digital currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Nem, Dash, Monero, Litecoin) has increased in value. It’s really exciting when you start to look up what’s happening in the digital marketing.

However, bitcoin and some of the other digital assets have limitations:

-Slow transaction.

-Accepted by few merchants.

-Anonymity means it is often used on the dark web.

-Most governments don’t recognise it.

-Inability to comply with emerging regulations.

-Lack of effective governance.

That’s one challenge which needs to be bridged!

Now, this is a question that you need to ask yourself. If you knew that there was another digital asset coming on board and you knew that asset was going to bridge some of these gaps, would you join it?

Bitcoin has been an amazing concept, it started the process, but the digital asset we are going to share with you now is going to bridge a lot of the gaps and the limitations of the digital marketing already.

You can imagine if you already know about this before it starts and before this gets adopted by the masses where do you think you going to be in 6 months, 12 months or two years’ time? You are going to be in a very good place, indeed.


So, What Will be The Next Move?

Some of the world’s most innovative business are focused on bringing new digital currencies to the market, and those who missed out on Bitcoin are seeking a currency that can go mainstream.

That’s the real key, here. The currency that will come to the mainstream will be adopted by the mainstream and fill those gaps that haven’t been solved by any of the other currencies markets, so far.

So, the blockchain revolution is really creating huge returns worth billions. It’s going to reach unbelievable prices. We’re still in the early days: one currency will unlock the ultimate value of becoming the mainstream global choice.

                                                                               Let’s have a look at that currency.

 NetLeaders is the marketing arm to the currency. It is based in Singapore and with Ecosystem Partners in Dubai, Hong Kong, Belgrade and Zurich. NetLeaders is part of a global movement that will change the world. NetLeaders mission is to lay down a global bedrock of trust that unlocks prosperity for everyone. It’s going to be the world’s most advanced and secure solution for exchange value.

DasCoin (Digital Asset System Conversion Instrument)

The start of the movement began in 2014 with these 4 guys: John Pretto, director of NetLeaders, Terry O’Hearn, executive director of DasFinancial, George Sarcovich, director of our exclusive WebWallet and, the main guy, Michael Mathias, the CEO of DasCoin.

They have built a bedrock of trust within the market and, by doing that, on the 31st of March of this year, in Zurich, when the minting was launched, they introduced a number of key people into the business, all united by a shared vision. Some of those people are:


-Brian Semkiw, CEO of Carta Worldwide, Canada (a technology company who developed the smart phone apps for payment solutions). Brian is now partner with DasCoin and they are creating our very own smart app, which is going to be called Daspay and that will allow you to transact with anywhere in the world that accepts visa master card and some other cards. This technology has got already 60 million retailers or merchants attached to it. This means that crypto currency has bridged the gap of some of the limitations in the market that exist in the digital currencies today. This means that DasCoin will have absolute spendability, something that none of the other currencies have in the real world, not the online world, the real world.

-Lim Soon Hock, is now the Director of DasCoin. He’s been working with compact computers for many years. He interacts with high value people, the prime-minister of Singapore, bank directors and institutions. He’s got great reputation.

-Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle Networks

Pavel is recognised for being one of the world’s experts on blockchain technology.

-Tho Yo Yin, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, he’s looking after compliance and culture at NetLeaders in Malaysia. Huge experience he’s been working for many years with petroleum companies.

Many and many years of collective experience in association in the following world-class brands: American Express, Compaq, Disney, ExxonMobil, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Vodafone, Paypal, Samsung, Volvo and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

These people have not just brought something to the table that is going to bridge the gaps, they are also bringing high calibre people in to build on the future, on this amazing business opportunity.

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Meanwhile, just check out one of the latest publication on DasCoin.

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