Does Your Mlm Sponsor Have A Bag Of Tricks?

Published by Carlos Anastacio — 9-15-2017 at 1:27 AM UTC

 Does Your Mlm Sponsor Have A Bag Of Tricks?

You knew it the day you signed on, your  MLM sponsor is a magician, ranking right up there with Houdini and Copperfield.  How do they do it?  They get droves of people to buy the product by the case load and the number of people they sign up as associates exceeds the total population for a five hundred mile radius.  They are remarkable and they embody the success stories that make draw so many hopefuls to MLM companies.

Watching your mlm sponsor and looking at their stats makes you feel like a little kid watching a superhero.  You are just dying to grab that cape, drape it across your back and take flight.  Well, get ready because the ride can start whenever you’re prepared for it.  That bag of tricks you’re convinced they have hidden away is really just filled with tools.

These tools are the secret to their success and they are probably more than willing to share them with you.  The first of the tools is drive.  Your MLM  sponsor has a personal drive that pushes them to excel.  It thrusts them out there to strive to sell more and to recruit more.  This drive is fueled by dedication to themselves, their success, the company and its products and you.  They believe in what they do and they believe in you.  Believing creates success for both of you.  The other tool they use to construct their flourishing business is experience gained over time.  We all know it’s virtually unheard of to be an instant success at anything.  Your mlm sponsor has been working hard for a long time to achieve the level they have reached.  Every day they have put in has given them a different experience and another note to add to their list of things to remember and from which to learn.  Everyone knows you learn from experience.  Your  MLM sponsor has put what they’ve learned to good use and as a result have become very successful at what they do.

Is it possible for you to emulate your MLM  sponsor’s success? Of course it is.  You have to do what they have done, dedicate yourself to your business and learn.  What you probably don’t realize is that you actually have an advantage over your sponsor.  You have them.  Take the time to talk with your sponsor, ask lots of questions, ask to go to recruiting appointments with them to see how they do it, and learn from their experiences.  This way you add their bag of tricks to your own.

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