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Glen Palo here. I have great wife, 5 kids and 9 grandkids. I started my small business in 1996 providing tax preparation services to individuals and small companies. A number of my tax clients were small business owners operating out of their homes. Due to the seasonal nature of tax preparation, I researched creating other sources of income, particularly on the internet since these businesses could be operated from home.

Along the way, I built a number of websites related to small/home business tax issues. I gradually moved into the internet marketing niche and built other websites including, which was my most successful website. I also published ezines including “Today’s Network Marketer,” published articles including “How to Market on the Internet for Free” and “Tax Saving Tips for the Self-Employed.”

Major surgery put me out of business in 2006. It took quite awhile regain my full strength and stamina. But I am back! Starting over is not so bad. I love the fun and challenge. But here is the best part, it is not hard. It’s simple when you have a plan!

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