Free Lead System Forever

Published by Brian Davis — 9-9-2017 at 12:04 AM UTC

           I Thought Free Lead System Forever Was A Joke.

The Free Lead System Forever is exactly that, a 100% free lead system Forever.

When I first saw it, I didn't think a whole lot simply because it would seem to reason that giving away a free lead system would attract broke dead beat freebie seekers looking for a handout.

I was surprised to find not only was I pulling quality leads to my Power Lead System contact manager, but at the same time the leads were automatically going into my Getresponse account. Intergrates with Getresponse and Aweber.

As an upgraded Power Lead System (PLS) member you can setup a funnel like this one and have the leads go into your GetResponse or Aweber at the sametime.

Free Lead System Forever users that decide to upgrade to Leadlighting will net you $6 comissions and there's no limit and no admin fees to be a reseller. And if they decide to go PLS Gold, Diamond and Platinum, that coud net you $20, $100 and $400 from just one lead.

Enter your best email on this page and grab your totally free lead system. I guarantee you have never seen anything like this. 

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A little about me. I'm retired Navy, served 25 years and retired as a Senior Chief. ABFCS to be exact. Married 27 short years to my beautiful wife, the former Stella Dublin from Letye Philippines. As you can clearly see I married up. We have two grown sons, Justin 23 and Jonathan 22. I had seen leasedadspace being promoted but didn't really pay it much mind. Reason being, is I thought the results of a $7 solo ad from leasedadspace wouldn't bring much results. I was wrong. The first solo I sent out already resulted in 89 opens and 53 clicks. That is insane. I didn't setup conversion tracking with leasedadspace solo but from the best I can tell I've gotten 13 leads so far. Again that is unheard of for $7. If you haven't bought your $7 package. Grab it now. See at the top. Brian Davis