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A little about me. I'm retired Navy, served 25 years and retired as a Senior Chief. ABFCS to be exact. Married 27 short years to my beautiful wife, the former Stella Dublin from Letye Philippines. As you can clearly see I married up. We have two grown sons, Justin 23 and Jonathan 22. I had seen leasedadspace being promoted but didn't really pay it much mind. Reason being, is I thought the results of a $7 solo ad from leasedadspace wouldn't bring much results. I was wrong. The first solo I sent out already resulted in 89 opens and 53 clicks. That is insane. I didn't setup conversion tracking with leasedadspace solo but from the best I can tell I've gotten 13 leads so far. Again that is unheard of for $7. If you haven't bought your $7 package. Grab it now. See at the top. Brian Davis

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Off the cuff 25 Dollar 1up review

Published on 8-27-2018 at 8:42 AM UTC by Brian Davis

Hey it's Brian Davis here. I did a quick off the cuff video review of 25dollar1up.  As I mentioned in the video, 25dollar1up provides you with pre-built lead capture pages and landing pages to use, along with a set of pre-written follow up messages, also know as autoresponder messages. ... (continue reading →)

Advertise To Millions.

Published on 12-3-2017 at 12:01 AM UTC by Brian Davis

Brian Davis' Advertise To Millions Link is here =>

Don't be lazy like me (-: I wasn't in the writing mood, so I grab an article on Adv... (continue reading →)

Free Lead System Forever

Published on 9-9-2017 at 12:04 AM UTC by Brian Davis

           I Thought Free Lead System Forever Was A Joke.

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Traffic Token Review From An Actual User.

Published on 1-26-2017 at 3:58 AM UTC by Brian Davis

Hi Brian Davis here. This is my personal review of Traffic Token. You will not find any links to join Traffic Token in this review. However; there may be links to Traffic Token in the comments.

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Ray Higdon Interviews Ryan Gunness.

Published on 1-24-2017 at 1:55 PM UTC by Brian Davis

rayhigdon-interview-ryan-gunnessHe Recruited 170 people HE DIDN’T