I am Through with Bait and Switch

Published by Brenda Jones — 8-16-2017 at 12:34 PM UTC

I am tired of companies promising to be big promise you free 50.00  promise to pay uou for each referral then once they have a good  membership they change the rule.  now they want you to pay for what  they promise you for free.  That why I loove computta.  I can download the software and make money  and the downline  I build make me money also. Don;t have to pay one red cent to get the money.  If you are into bitcoin then this is one opportunity you  will love  because  you can  put the software on  as many computer you want. your  your family even your dog if he had his on  "blog"  the more computer you ahve it on  the more you you build your downline the more you make. no clicking or viewing ad.  I put mine on 100 % because I make more money at the higher leverl just depend on how your computer work.  If it slow put it on a lower level   just keep the software open and  you make money,

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