Why I like Passive Income

Published by Brenda Jones — 1-7-2017 at 6:54 PM UTC

Passive income is important to me because It give me freedom to  live my live the  way I want with out  having to  sacrifice any  time.  It  way to have extra money  with out  taking on an extra job.  

It also a way to leave a sustaining income for  your family  if any thing ever  happen to you.  Life insurance is good to help out, but it  is only a one time pay.   Once it is gone bills still come and a passive income  can help  with those bills.

It is also a good way to help prepare for retirement.401k and social security may not be enough  to sustain  your lifestyle after you retire. many people have to  take on another after they retire. because they do not have enough to sustain them.

so start finding you a good passive income that will give you  the answer to all these  situation. 

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