The Price of Bitcoin

Published by Brenda Jones — 12-23-2016 at 5:27 AM UTC

Bitcoin has been a surprise to us all  since the day it came on the scene.   who   would have thought some so small can  create millionaires in such short time .  Now it look like it bout to do it again.  the price of  one bitcoin has risen to over 900.00 and  look like it may top  a  thousand.    

Some of us may not have the funds to    buy and trade bitcoin.  That's okay, because  you can find great ways to earn f.ree bitcoin,   Here are two of my favorite  ones that really  pay into your own btc wallet

First you need a wallet go here one of the best

Second this let you win free bitcoin every hour. Plus it has nice reward points that you can collect for great prices.  Earn 50% from each referral

Second one get mbtc for each click on ads.   they pay also

Both of these has sent money to my account.  

I believe you  have here a great way  to make extra money free

real passive Income

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