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I am Through with Bait and Switch

Published on 8-16-2017 at 12:34 PM UTC by Brenda Jones

I am tired of companies promising to be big promise you free 50.00  promise to pay uou for each referral then once they have a good  membership they change the rule.  now they want you to pay for what  they promise you for free.  That why I loove computta.  I can dow... (continue reading →)

Had enough yet?

Published on 3-10-2017 at 1:42 AM UTC by Brenda Jones

Tired of the crazy  story you keep getting every story cookie cutter. I was down and out I met a friend, a stranger  some guy and now a I am rich.  Just give me this amount of money and I can teach you how to do it to.  well I don't need to teach you this. it simple download,r... (continue reading →)

New Amazing Passive No cost Income

Published on 2-28-2017 at 8:22 PM UTC by Brenda Jones

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... (continue reading →)

Why I like Passive Income

Published on 1-7-2017 at 6:54 PM UTC by Brenda Jones

Passive income is important to me because It give me freedom to  live my live the  way I want with out  having to  sacrifice any  time.  It  way to have extra money  with out  taking on an extra job.  

It also a way to leave a sustaining in... (continue reading →)

The Price of Bitcoin

Published on 12-23-2016 at 5:27 AM UTC by Brenda Jones

Bitcoin has been a surprise to us all  since the day it came on the scene.   who   would have thought some so small can  create millionaires in such short time .  Now it look like it bout to do it again.  the price of  one bitcoin has risen to over 900.00 and &n... (continue reading →)